Ethics for Bloggers by WOMMA

With all the problems of disclosure and ethics in regards to bloggers, advertising agencies and public relations firms, I am posting the WOMMA Ethical Blogger Contact Guidelines-10 Principles for Ethical Contact by Marketers.

Advertising for Success already has a full disclosure policy, but I am adding word of mouth marketing ethical standards as well. Not all apply guidelines apply to my websites, but I wanted you readers to have the full set.
  • I will always be truthful and will never knowingly relay false information. I will never ask someone else to deceive bloggers for me.
  • I will fully disclose who I am and who I work for (my identity and affiliations) from the very first encounter when communicating with bloggers or commenting on blogs.
  • I will never take action contrary to the boundaries set by bloggers. I will respect all community guidelines regarding posting messages and comments.
  • I will never ask bloggers to lie for me.
  • I will use extreme care when communicating with minors or blogs intended to be read by minors.
  • I will not manipulate advertising or affiliate programs to impact blogger income.
  • I will not use automated systems for posting comments or distributing information.
  • I understand that compensating bloggers may give the appearance of a conflict of interest, and I will therefore fully disclose any and all compensation or incentives.
  • I understand that if I send bloggers products for review, they are not obligated to comment on them. Bloggers can return products at their own discretion.
  • If bloggers write about products I send them, I will proactively ask them to disclose the products’ source.
Honesty is not optional and deception is always exposed. Ask Edelman.

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Edelman May Be Out of WOMMA

Edelman is on 90-day probation with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association for failure to adhere to the WOMMA code of ethics.

The public relations firm has acknowledged it is behind a series of flogs, or fake blogs, for Wal-Mart. These flogs are Wal-Marting Across America, Paid Critics and Working Families for Wal-Mart.

Edelman appears to be violating their own Ethical Approach to Business as stated on their website:
* Edelman is committed to honesty.
* Edelman is committed to transparency.
* Edelman is committed to fair dealing.
* Edelman will ensure activity aligns with the interests of its employees,
clients and critical stakeholders.
* Edelman will strive to model best practice in the marketplace.
* Employees will not violate legal obligations or prohibitions where
Edelman does business.
If you wish, you may download Edelman's 25-page Code of Conduct that:
. . . provides a uniform understanding, informed by our Values, as to what is expected of Edelman employees and embodies our commitment to excellent counsel and service to all stakeholders.
While bloggers are disclosing their relationships and posting their blogging ethics , Edelman, the only independent global public relations firm, continues to be guilty of the most rampant case of non-disclosure on behalf of their clients.

If you would like to read more about this debacle, please visit MediaPost for the full story. If you wish to tell Edelman what you think, you should email them at

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The Answer IS: There are Limits!

American consumers sent a very clear message last week to Rupert Murdoch and the rest of the media world: We have standards. They may be low and not terribly visible, but we do have them.

Sparing the Public From a Despicable Marketing Stunt
By Scott Donaton
Thank god we can still feel outrage. That was my first thought on hearing that Rupert Murdoch had scuttled plans for what would've been the most despicable stunt in the history of marketing: a book and two sweeps-period TV specials in which O.J. Simpson was to detail how he would have almost decapitated the mother of his children and viciously stabbed another man to death had he in fact been the one who almost decapitated the mother of his children and viciously stabbed another man to death. Which, of course, he didn't. Unless he did. Or something.
Marc Brownstein: Small Agency Diary Blog
It's pretty sad when we glorify a figure like O.J. Simpson just to boost ratings. Is Fox that devoid of compelling content that they have to stoop to new lows? But what's reassuring is that the free economy worked: advertisers balked and were heard.
Has the Fox Brand Sustained Long-Term Damage as a Result of the O.J. Simpson Debacle? Vote Yes or No here.

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Blog Whore is New Service for Bloggers

BlogWhore is just that. Do not waste your time. Post deleted 2/17/07/

Click & Comment Monday

C&C MondayWant to play?

Click my renter or a blog on my blog roll. Comment on that blog and then click their renter or someone on their blogroll and comment on that blog. Repeat.

Try to click and comment on at least 5 blogs if you have time. I guarantee you will find some cool blogs and you will increase your readership if you do this every Monday you are able.

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A Cowboy's Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear Lord,

This last year was rough on us cowboys
With calf prices bein' low.
And the drought, and the snow last winter
Didn't leave a lot to show
For a lot of really hard workin'.

There were times, I confess,
That I lay awake nights and wondered:
Lord, how do I get out of this mess.
But I turned it all over to you, Lord.
Put my trust in your capable hands.

And I thank you that you let us keep on
Makin' a living off of your lands.
I thank you for every morning
when the sun rose over the trees,
and spread light over the meadows.

And thanks for that cool summer breeze
That cooled sweatin' backs in the hay fields.
And thanks for new friends I made,
for the joy of seein' baby calves
curled up, asleep in the shade.

Thanks for these good friends and neighbors
and the love and the help that they give.
And I thank you Lord for these old cows
and the cowboy life they let me live.

And thank you Lord for my family,
my little girl and my wife.
And for the chance we have to raise a child
to live the kind of life
That most folks only dream of,
spending days outside,
Feedin', checkin', and sortin', and looking
where old cows hide.

So, Lord, on Thanksgiving,
as we take a break from our chores,
We thank you for this year's blessings,
and for what you have in store.

By Steve Lucas

Click & Comment Monday

Want to play?

Click my renter or a blog on my blog roll. Comment on that blog and then click their renter or someone on their blogroll and comment on that blog. Repeat.

Try to click and comment on at least 5 blogs if you have time. I guarantee you will find some cool blogs and you will increase your readership if you do this every Monday you are able.

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Opening for Success Blog

Say goodbye to Mystickal Incense & More Blog. Bookmark Mystickal Incense & More Blog and remember to visit when looking for that unique gift for someone. Sweet smelling soaps, candles, aromotherapy oils, and more ...

Traffic stats for the last week
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New Free Service for Bloggers

Working on the principle that free stuff is good stuff, BlogWhore brings bloggers and advertisers together in one place.

There are three main purposes behind the BlogWhore philosophy:

1. Giving the small time blogger a chance to show off his site to potential advertisers who may never have found it

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I have registered Advertising-For-Success blog and will report on the process. This post (not paid) and the link on the sidebar are the only requirements to apply.

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Blog Your Blessing Sunday

San Marcos River rock
Sufi Prayer for Peace

Send Thy peace O Lord, which is perfect and everlasting,
that our souls may radiate peace.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that we may think,
act and speak harmoniously.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that we may be contented and thankful
for Thy bountiful gifts.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that amidst our worldly strife,
we may enjoy Thy bliss.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that we may endure all, tolerate all,
in the thought of Thy grace and mercy.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that our lives may become a Divine vision
and in Thy light, all darkness may vanish.

Send Thy peace O Lord, our Father and Mother, that we
Thy children on Earth may all unite in one family.


The Blue Panther Experience is host for Blog Your Blessings. Click this link, grab the blogroll code, add the code to your blog, leave a comment on Blue Panther Experience and post your blessing. Quick and easy!

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Blogging Chicks : thanksgiving carnival

The Carnival of Blogging Chicks will be hosted by Suspension of Disbelief on Sunday. The theme is thanksgiving; whether you are talking turkey or counting your blessings, blog it on the carnival.

Not a Chick? Curious about Carnivals? Attend the carnival at Suspension of Disbelief. Visit the blogs, read the posts, comment if you like. If you like it, join the Blogging Chicks. Make friends, have fun, enjoy visits and comments on your blogs.

It is an enjoyable, relaxing Sunday activity that gets you all pumped up for Click & Comment Monday!

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Brown Betty Used to be Dessert

I think I have lost my appetite . . .
CINCINNATI ( Beauty, a New York startup that is getting big PR play by marketing hair color for the nether regions. Billed as "color for the hair down there," the company began really building buzz this summer...
Betty? And another name for women's pubic area is born. The picture featured on my last post is pubic hair dye products. All natural hair colors, Brown Betty, Blond Betty, Auburn Betty and Black Betty, and a PINK one for special occasions.

pink pubic hair dyeApparently there has been a lot of interest in the product from women ages 60 to 85 as well as men.

is your Betty ready t-shirt also sells T-shirts that state: My Betty is ready and I am a true blond.

Phillips Norelco launched its website for their BodyGroom product, encouraging men to shave their back, shoulders, armpits and those short and curlies elsewhere. They promise that shaving down there will add an optical inch to male anatomy. The video on the website is pretty funny really, unless you take it seriously.

Unilever is running magazine ads for Sunsilk De-Frizz products in which a curly-haired woman complains, My hair's so frizzy I should give it a Brazilian. Their tag line is Sunsilk provides real solutions to women's everyday hair needs everywhere.

What is next? Hair Club for Betties? Pubic hair transplants, pubic hair weaving and topical minoxidil applications? Tattoos? Just when we thought it was safe to go au naturel, it is back into the dark ages for women.

Maybe we should just let it all hang out and decorate our Betty for all to see. I think I will add highlights, braid and weave beads and feathers through it. Start a trend. . . Let me see. . . ? Braveheart Betty? Betty from Jamaica? Betty gone wild?

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Wordless Wednesday

Betty Beauty Pubic Hair Die
SIgn up for Wordless Wednesday at the official WW HQ

Love Me, Love My Renter

The Success Blog of the Week is Mystickal Incense Blog - the blog for a sweet-smelling business called Mystickal Incense and More. Looking for a natural way to improve both your emotions and your health? If so, then you must visit Mystical Incense Blog.

Stephanie, the owner, creates incense, candles, bath and body products, soaps and crafts. She just recently branched out to blog hosting (WAHM Hosting) and has some great packages for bloggers.

It is her birthday today, so please wish her Happy Birthday and tell her CyberCelt sent you.

Show My Renter Some Love

November 14th is World Diabetes Day

is National Diabetes Awareness Month in USA!
Fifty-four million Americans, one in six, have
pre-diabetes and most don’t even realize it.

Learn the Warning Signs of Diabetes
One in three children born today will develop diabetes.

Assess your risk!
Take the 2 minute on-line
Defeat Diabetes® Screening Test

November 14th is World Diabetes Day

Listen to Online Retail Holiday Forecast

JupiterResearch forecasts that 2006 online holiday retail sales will grow to $32 billion and 114 million users will buy online! What can online retailers do to maximize on this growing interest? What can we learn about last-minute consumer behavior? Listen to the podcast here.

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Blog Your Blessing Sunday

Divine Blessing

Almighty Lord, if we offer you a devoted mind and heart, you will offer to us every blessing on earth and in heaven.

You grant our deepest wishes. You give food to the body and peace to the soul. You look upon us with the love of a mother for her children.

You created this beautiful earth all around us. And in every plant and animal, every tree and bird, your spirit dwells.

You have revealed yourself to me, infusing my soul with the knowledge that you are the source of all blessing.

And so I sing your praises day and night. I who am feeble, glorify you who are powerful. I who am nothing, devote myself to you who are everything.

Atharva Veda
(c. 1500 BC)

The Blue Panther Experience is host for Blog Your Blessings. Click this link, grab the blogroll code, add the code to your blog, leave a comment on Blue Panther Experience and post your blessing. Quick and easy!

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Blogging Chicks Carnival on CoolAdzine

Carnival of Blogging Chicks
Holidays made easier is the topic for Blogging Chicks Carnival this Sunday and will be hosted on CoolAdzine for Marketers. Come one, come all... to the Carnival of Blogging Chicks.

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The IDEA Conference Recap 3

This is the third post on the IDEA Conference: Redefining Creativity and discussing implications for small businesses and online marketers. You may view all the recommendations on the IDEA 06 microsite.

10. Flatten management structure -"We don't have enough managers, and we intended it to be that way," said Google's chief engineer, Craig Neville-Manning, who credited that lack of bureaucracy as a big reason for the search giant's success in bringing new products to market.
Run your organization lean and mean. For small business people, this means wearing multiple hats and using contract and temporary employees for special projects.

11. Market to the interested - In analyzing a recent Iams campaign, David Verklin, CEO of Carat Americas, found that 40% of the American population owns a dog. "When I run an ad on TV, 60% of the people watching have no interest in it. It's bad for the client because they don't want to advertise for people who aren't interested. And it's certainly bad for the delivery system, putting ads in front of people that are boring them."
"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half" (John Wanamaker). Know your target market and your product or service. Do not advertise unless you can track your results. Be flexible and adaptable and do not get attached to any one format or media type. See (8. Prototype early from yesterday's post)

12. Go for a brand back rub - Eric Plaskonos, director-brand communications at Philips Electronics North America, introduced the concept of "brand chiropractics" to the crowd in his closing statement, citing Philips' recent innovative spreads in Gourmet and its sponsorship of commercial-free football games. "It's slightly unorthodox and [hands-on], but when it works it makes you feel really good."
Sponsor a little league or soccer team. Rent a table at a charity benefit and give your tickets to members or customers. Whatever you can do to help members of your online or offline community will pay off in customer goodwill, name recognition and better public relations.

13. Give consumers some control - "Once you've allowed the consumer to create something around your brand, you have to assume that is not something you can control," said Jeremy Allaire, founder and CEO of Brightcove. Brightcove allows marketers to build video-content channels of their own -- and provides users with the building blocks for their own creations. This way you can make sure the ideas are still coming from the marketer, and that's the key to successful consumer-generated media, said Mr. Allaire. "It's highly empowering to consumers and helps to accentuate those brands as opposed to diminish them.
This is a followup to (.7 from yeserday, Let consumers inside). Engagement, interactivity and a rich media experience allows customers to shape their interaction with your brand. You benefit with access to consumer-generated content and clients who are invested in your brand.

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The IDEA Conference Recap 2

This is the second post on Advertising for Success blog detailing highlights of the IDEA Conference: Redefining Creativity and discussing implications for small businesses and online marketers.

5. Digitize everything: Not just your ads, but also your store, your product and even your employees. Here to help you is Linden Labs CEO Philip Rosedale, creator of the virtual world Second Life. What was once the futurist domain of "Tron" is now something anybody with a broadband connection—and potentially an ailing first life-can tap into. Think you can't make an emotional connection in the digital world? Then you should have seen the star of a heart-tugging video Mr. Rosedale screened, a woman who found a husband and a career in Second Life.
Second Life is a huge online community, with real estate, employment, singles groups, you name it. Want instant status? Purchase an island. This 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents, 1,320,732 virtual citizens. There are even virtual reality shows-really!

6. Nostalgia is death: Quoting Bob Dylan, Paul Budnitz, founder of Kidrobot, took aim at the marketing world's tendency to slavishly ape bygone pop culture. (That means you, VH1 and Hello Kitty.) Mr. Budnitz said there's no creativity behind thinking derivatively=—like, for example, when marketers create toy spinoff- of blockbuster films. He offered the notion that real creativity is about making something that is "entirely new and in the moment." He did, however, distinguish nostalgia (bad) from appropriation (good), in which familiar themes serve as a jumping-off point for the creation of a completely fresh idea, as evident in the twisted work of Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami.
Murakami's work ranges from cartoon-like paintings to minimalist sculptures to giant balloons and many other promotional items inscribed with his signature character, Mr. DOB.

7. Let consumers inside: For the Barenaked Ladies' first independent release on the Nettwerk record label, co-founder Terry McBride wanted them to be able to work outside the 12-song-per-album box. Their recording sessions yielded 29 songs, from which Mr. McBride pulled 250 tracks for fans to mix into their own versions. The mixes will be submitted for a forthcoming fans' EP. "It's not about control, but the fact that the fan owns the brand," Mr. McBride said during the Corbis "Who Owns Your Brand?" breakout session. "Fans do all the marketing for us."
Choices. Give your customer choices on your website. Fresh, varied content. Extraordinary products and services. Interactive features that empower customers and clients to find what they want on your site. Make your site "sticky" so people stay.

8. Prototype early: That way, said Paul Bennett, chief creative at IDEO, you won't end up with "dinosaur babies" (a product "so ugly only its mother could love it"). Creative teams can sometimes get so wrapped up in a project they can't let go or realize it's not going to work the way they initially intended. Making prototypes early on in the creative process helps with troubleshooting and allows for feedback on the more complicated areas of the product. "The notion of prototyping is, if it's bad, you can let it go."
Prototyping. Try your product or service out before you are committed to costly development and distribution costs. This IDEA seems to conflict with the "trust your gut" philosophy advocated by David Jones (See 2. from yesterday's post here). What do you think?

9. Drugs won't supply your 'Aha!' moment: They no longer fuel the creativity of Alex Bogusky, chief creative officer at Crispin Porter & Bogusky. "There was a time where I'd be working on something where I'd need to drink," Mr. Bogusky said. "The problem is, the longer you do it, the smaller that window for creativity gets. And then you're trashed." He also pointed out that getting to that eureka time requires hard graft and is often about ripping up lots of OK ideas and starting over. (And you thought it was just brilliance and the occasional bong!)
This was a personal declaration and makes a very good case against substance abuse. This is good advice for any occupation, but makes you wonder how about Mr. Bogusky!

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The IDEA Conference Recap

More than 550 people gathered in New York to attend the IDEA Conference: Redefining Creativity, sponsored by Advertising Age and Creativity Magazine. In a real surprise action of free exchange, Advertising Age and Creativity Magazine has posted editorial analyses, photos and excerpts from the speakers at the IDEA 06 microsite.

For several days, Advertising for Success blog will be posting these highlights and discussing implications for small businesses and online marketers.

1. Limitations and small budgets are inspiring : "I can be at my most creative when I have constraints," said Anne Saunders, senior VP-global brand strategy and communications, Starbucks. The coffee behemoth started out humbly as a small Seattle chain. "When I have a lack of time or money, that causes me to think differently. We don't spend a lot of money on traditional advertising." Less than 2% of Starbucks' operating budget is spent on advertising. Instead, word of mouth and the physical presence of each location have been its best tools.Small businesses and online marketers understand small budgets and other limitations, so this message is worth pondering. Positioning where your product or service is needed, either in bricks or mortar or in the virtual world of online marketing, makes sense.
Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing is where you may differentiate yourself from your competitors. Never underestimate the power of an angry client or customer. While a satisfied customer may send you 1-5 customers over the years, an unhappy customer or potential customer may blacken your reputation to 50-100 potential clients. The dissatisfaction follows geometric progression.

2. Trust your gut-not research : Pointing out that Steve Jobs didn't create great ideas by doing market research, multilingual ad man David Jones, global CEO of Euro RSCG, exhorted ad execs to stop asking permission. Drawing on British comedian Vic Reeves' assertion that "96.2% of all statistics are made up," Mr. Jones argued that the best ads aren't based on research.
Rather than talking about how to redefine creativity in a fast-changing world, Mr. Jones wants advertising agencies to get out there and do it. David Jones is not a fan of consumer-produced commercials and believes the ad industry must continue to lead the way in marketing. "Our industry cannot delegate the creation of brilliant ideas to consumers. We have to be at the starting point," he said.

He said that makers of ads should see their role as creators of short-form content. According to Mr. Jones, the 30-second TV spot is not dead, it just needs reviving. Drawing on the work of British comedian Vic Reeves, who said "96.2% of all statistics are made up," Mr. Jones argued that some of the most successful ads are not based on research, pre-testing or focus-group results, but on the "gut instinct" of what consumers will like.

For example, Target has been able to thrive and coexist profitably with Wal-Mart while Kmart was bankrupted. This success is attributable to two key factors: the right kind of differentiation and distinctive marketing communications. Target repositioned itself as a mass merchandiser of affordable chic goods.

3. Think like a band : "What does a band actually do? They create music and they don't know whether it's going to sell," said Chris Stephenson, general manager-global marketing for Microsoft's entertainment business, which launches its much-anticipated MP3-and-video player, Zune, on Nov. 16. "They'll tour-—they're not sitting in an ivory tower behind their desk. It's a very do-it-yourself culture, but ideal. This idea of thinking in a really open-minded, expressive way like an artist is really important."
Become an artist: create, tour and try new ideas. Although listening to this advice given by staid and stiff Microsoft is a bit ludicrous; it is, nonetheless, good advice. Get out amongst your customers and target market. Listen to what they say and what they want. Conduct surveys and informal polls of your website or store visitors, but do not take the results as an absolute. Give your creativity free reign and watch for results.

4. Approach your consumer from a 'molecular level' : The first thing Steven J. Heyer, CEO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, asks himself when it comes to designing a new hotel is: "What do we want our guest to feel?" He and David Rockwell, founder and CEO of the Rockwell Group, discussed the innovations they've made to the luxury-hotel industry by designing experiences that appeal to the traveler who hates traveling but loves being there-—think mountain views, health spas and expanded bars.
"The customer's perception is your reality," according to Kate Zabriskie of Business Training Works. We do not view ourselves as Coach class seat or Gardenview room people. We all strive to be more and to want more bang for our buck. We want the glorious view, the fruit basket and homemade cookies, the concierge level treatment. Your mission, if you accept it, is to deliver this service on a shoestring budget.

Well, that is probably enough creativity to digest in one day. Besides for blockquotes and any text marked with quotations marks, which are word for word from the IDEA micro site, the thoughts are mine. Feel free to comment upon or continue this discussion in the comment area.

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Political Ads: Red vs Blue, Google vs Yahoo

The Rimm-Kaufman Group conducted a study to observe the use of paid search advertising in the final hours of the 2006 US midterm elections (PDF).

RKG queried Google and Yahoo for terms related to the 2006 US midterm elections from November 3, 2006 to November 6, 2006. They found:
  • There are few political advertisers using pay-per-click search engine marketing
  • Political pay-per-click advertisers use Google and not Yahoo Paid Search
  • Most prevalent advertisers within this query set were Accoona (search engine), (social network), CafePress (retailer), and (National Republican Senatorial Committee)
  • Red ads outnumbered Blue ads 2:1
  • Blue ads were 3x more likely to be negative than Red ads
  • President Bush was not mentioned in any ad
  • Iraq and Al-Qaeda were mentioned only twice in ads
  • Only two ads linked directly to videos
  • Blue ads were longer than Red ads
  • The length of words in blue and red ads were the same
  • Blue ads were more likely to include an exclamation point
  • Red ads were more likely to contain a question mark
From the report:
We believe political pay-per-click advertising is in its infancy . . . we predict campaigns and political action committees will move aggressively into paid search advertising as a marketing channel in future elections.
Red = pro-Republican or anti-Democrat
Blue = pro-Democrat or anti-Republican

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Blog Your Blessing Sunday

Traditional Buddhist Blessing and Healing Chant

Just as the soft rains fill the streams, pour into the rivers and join together in the oceans, so may the power of every moment of your goodness flow forth to awaken and heal all beings, Those here now, those gone before, those yet to come.

By the power of every moment of your goodness May your heart's wishes be soon fulfilled as completely shining as the bright full moon, as magically as by a wish-fulfilling gem.

By the power of every moment of your goodness May all dangers be averted and all disease be gone. May no obstacle come across your way. May you enjoy fulfillment and long life.

For all in whose heart dwells respect, who follow the wisdom and compassion, of the Way, May your life prosper in the four blessings of old age, beauty, happiness and strength.

The Blue Panther Experience is host for Blog Your Blessings. Click this link, grab the blogroll code, add the code to your blog, leave a comment on Blue Panther Experience and post your blessing. Quick and easy!

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Disclosure Policy

I saw this site on PayPerPost and thought the idea of a blog disclosure policy is a great idea! This Disclosure Policy is valid from 04 November 2006 and covers all blogs written by Eileen Trainor aka CyberCelt:

Advertising for Success blog
CoolAdzine for Marketers blog
Texas RV Travel blog

These blogs are monetized by advertising, sponsorship and paid insertions. The compensation received may influence the content of these blogs. That content, advertising space or posts are clearly identifiable as paid or sponsored content.

These blogs are based upon the principle of personal integrity and follow word of mouth marketing (WOM) standards: honesty in relationships, opinions and identity. I will always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or with these products.

Compensatory programs include, but are not limited to, Google AdSense, PayPerPost, Commission Junction and LinkShare.

Need a disclosure policy? Use the Disclosure Policy Generator.

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High-End Computer Purchases Made Online

From eMarketer:

A study by BIGresearch and Home Electronics Journal (October 2006) found that over half of US affluent consumers plan to make high-end computer purchases online.

  • 93 percent of affluent consumers in the US conduct Internet research before purchasing consumer electronics
  • over 62 percent visit product websites and peruse search engine results
  • over 27 percent sign up for informational e-mail newsletters
Read eMarketer's Technology Marketing: Customer Driven Convergence report for more information.

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Products, Deals and Consumer Information for the Online Shopper

This week, the success blog is, bringing you the latest products, deals and consumer information for online shoppers. David L Jones is the blogger and podcaster for From the blog you may navigate to the discussion forums, or download his series of podcasts from iTunes, or add the site feeds (blog, pod, iTunes) to your reader.

I must complement Mr. Jones on this multi-format blog that works well. If I can download a podcast, anyone can do it! The latest podcast is about aftermarket products to pimp your ride, like WHEELS. There is another podcast on audio and video electronic gadgets for your car. I downloaded the podcast that covered products like the BluRay storage disk, new Treo, and something called a RedPower in dash DVD/CD/mp3 player. Trust me, this is going to be the Tickle Me Elmo (for adults) of this Christmas season. is where you go to get the latest information on gadgets that make your life easier and on the deals that will save you money. Please visit Tell David that CyberCelt sent you. Tell him that you want him to find you a RedPower player before Thanksgiving. Make him sweat it. LOL.

Opening for Success Blog

Say goodbye to The Great Blog Review

Traffic stats for the last week
495 impressions
146 unique impressions
19 clicks
9 unique clicks

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Here is an update on Blog Traffic Exchanges

Blog Advance

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Blogazoo is a free blog traffic exchange. Surf other blogs to raise the popularity of yourblog. Post your RSS feed and add your blog to the blogectory. Add Gazoos (credit link) to your posts to increase readership.


BlogMad is a blog trafficking site currently in BETA2 offering 1:1 traffic ratio, blog and member directories, forum, chat, blog ranking, view a random blog promotion, and supports videos.

Blog Explosion

BlogExplosion is very different. You my rent your blog space for credits or enter your blog into the Battle of the Blogs and win (or lose) credits! Other options are BE Radio, Blog Rocket, statistics, blog directory, podcasts, banners and links.

Blog Soliders

Blog Soldiers offers 2:1 surf ratio, blog directory, text links, banner exchange as well as blog traffic exchange. Blog soldiers has a wonderful education section that provides video instruction on adding your blog, links and banners; assigning and converting credits. Upgraded memberships available.

McDonald's Caught With Fake Blogs

You may have read my post of 10/21 about the fake blog that Edelman produced for Wal-Mart.

Two new flogs (fake blogs) for McDonald's, 4railroads and McDmillionwinner, were used to co-promote Monopoly. McDmillionwinner is now viewable in cached format as the blog was taken down on 10/18. The two sites are inter-related, but do not mention any association with McDonald's or Monopoly. An October 19th press release makes reference to the 4railroads blog.

Truth in advertising! It is essential for your credibility as a blogger.

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