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Please visit Marisa's Dandelion Patch and read the article Do You Hakia?
The new search engine I’m using is Hakia and it is different because it’s a Semantic Search Engine. What that means is that the results you get are based on relevancy. The Hakia About page gives a quick overview but if you want a little more information on the technology, do check out the Benefits page.

I am going to start reviewing search engines in my search to replace a certain search engine that I am boycotting. I am adding Hakia to the list of to be reviewed. Thanks, Marisa!

Does Your Search Engine Do This?

Ask.com has new advertisements running showing off new features. Whether or not Ask will become the next Yahoo! remains to be seen, but I like the concept. One page, everything you need to know.

Famous Boycotts in USA

Boycotts are an important part of the history of America!
  • American colonists boycotted British goods after the Stamp Act of 1765.
  • The boycott strategy helped trade unions during the labor movement of the late 1800s.
  • German goods were boycotted by the American Jewish community in the 1930s and 1940s.
  • The Montgomery,Alabama bus boycott organized in the 1950s was the defining moment for the Civil Rights Movement.
  • The United Farm Workers boycott of table grapes, begun by Cesar Chavez in the 1960s, was the most successful in American history.
Boycotts are powerful tools for raising awareness about the impact of business practices on the global community. Boycotts have been used to put an end to animal abuse, stop unfair labor practices, address global economic injustice, and raise issues with dangerous substances in products.

Boycotting a Certain Search Engine

I am boycotting this search engine, which means I have decided to quit using their services in protest of their corporate practices.

To begin the purge of this search engine from my life, I have:
  • Removed it as an option for search in my FireFox browser,
  • Removed any of their existing advertisements on my blogs and websites,
  • Removed their analytics from my blogs and websites.
I still need to:
  • Remove my sitemaps from their site.
  • Transfer blogs from Blogger to their own domain.
  • Stop using their webmail.
I know there will be more because this search engine has insidiously crept into every part of my life.

Why Boycott?

I disagree with what this search engine did with their latest version of their Page Rank algorithm. This update appeared to penalize bloggers for being members of advertising networks, monetizing their blogs with text links, and being "do follow" blogs.

Somehow, the algorithm appeared to unfairly target the rankings of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms, whose principals make their living from optimizing web pages, writing articles about SEO, and through their websites and blogs.

All over the blogosphere, page ranks are dropping. It is like being left out of the yellow pages or having the telephone company change your business phone number without telling you. Why? This search engine decided it did not want to

Page Rank

Back in the 1990s, Apostolos Gerasoulis, a mathematician, developed the algorithm that powers Ask.com, based upon the work of John Kleinberg, an American mathematician. The Ask.com algorithm is a mathematically precise approach of counting only those links stemming from pages concerning the topic of the search request. Which means the processing is dependent on the search phrase and has to be determined anew for each search query.

On the other hand, the algorithm that powers the boycotted search engine is based on the premise that counting the number of links referring to a document determines the importance of the document. Therefore, the degree of networking is determined independently from the current search request.

The founders of the boycotted search engine developed and patented the algorithm for Page Rank. Since then, they have used their position foist many other practices on webmasters and marketers, such as these listed below.
  • Claiming your blogs and websites,
  • Submitting a site map so the search bots know which pages to index,
  • Having only certain links pointing to your site, and
  • Making every link a "no follow" link.
They also offered free tools for us to use, which seem like a good idea at the time, but just allowed the search engine more access:
  • Free web analytics to track your traffic.
  • Free web mail, which appears to use behavioral targeting to serve advertisements based on the content of your emails.
  • Mapping and other applications to help you put more information within their reach.
  • Blog templates with "no follow" and "no index" metatags in the header and "no follow" tags on every link and comment.
In my mind, the boycotted search engine has stepped over the line of ethical behavior by attempting to dictate what I may or may not do on my blogs and websites. I have allowed this to happen. For me, this stops now.

Blog Village Carnival : October 29, 2007

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Naomi presents Pumpkins in Short Supply at Diary From England.

Janey Loree shares wonderful memories and Fall Pictures from my Computer... on Notes That Touch The Heart....

CyberCelt writes a ghost story, Woman in White on All Hallows Eve, on Texas RV Travel Blog.

Marion writes a wonderful post titled November at Herbal Connection.

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Janey brags on her Handmade Thanksgiving Cards... on PJ's Gift Shoppe Diary and would like you to Vote for Your Favorite Fall Paper Doll Outfits..., on PJ's Paper Dolls.

Sheila shares the heartfelt reason for The Uncarved Pumpkin at Alabama Kitchen Sink rel="nofollow".

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Jean tells a truly Scary Story on My so-called-life....

CyberCelt shares pumpkin recipes in Oooey Gooey Pumpkin Treats on Texas RV Blog,

pumpkins in a line

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J. Loree brings a new meaning to fall fest with her post, Cowboys' Fall..., at Mustang 'n' Cowboys.

MsDemmie, a guest blogger, presents BYB - Blog your Blessings Sunday - Autumn Blessings posted on Life at the Edge.

Eileen wants you to Bring some excitement to All Hallows Eve on Losing Proposition.

Nicole presents Delicious Halloween Treats at Freelance Writer's Exchange.

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Janey L. writes a story of discoveries, miracles and friendships, Fall Time in Twiglet's World..., at Twiglet" the Little Christmas Tree.

Valmg, a guest blogger, wants to know Do you celebrate Halloween where you work? on I know EVERYTHING - just ask my hubby.

Cecile Pryor presents Jack O'Lanterns at Whatever Happened To.... (this blog is slow to load).

CyberCelt admits that Halloween is my favorite holiday! at CoolAdzine for Marketers.

Janey shares Song History...Try To Remember at The Fisher Family Singers.

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Blog Your Blessing : Peace in Middle East

sunrise at beach

od Our Creator, who made the earth a peaceful garden,
help us restore that peace wherever it has been broken
by terrorism and injustice, especially in the Middle East.

We repent for the times when religious language
has fostered hatred and division. . . .

Bring healing to those whose lives
have been shattered by violence.

Instill a renewed spirit of reconciliation in those
who lead our people politically and religiously. . . .


Reverend John T. Pawlikowski
Prayers for Peace in the Middle-East

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Blogging with a social conscience on Thoughts.com

Thoughts.com is a FREE social network and blogging community that provides unlimited bandwidth so that members may write personal blogs, comment on news items and on the forum topics, and share photographs, video clips and podcasts.

Thoughts.com has a member-rating system that allows you to rate the items submitted by other members, such as blog posts, photos or videos. The system averages all the ratings to calculate an overall score for each item. Once you have achieved a score of 4 or more, you may post to the public areas of Thoughts.com.

If you refer a friend to Thoughts.com and they become an active member, you win one entry into the monthly contest, where one member receives a free 6-month subscription to Netflix. There is also another contest for a trip to Las Vegas, but you have to be one of the Top Five bloggers on Thoughts.com! So if you are a power blogger, you could win an all-expense paid visit to Las Vegas this year!

I was really impressed by the information provided by Thoughts.com on charities. Thoughts.com suggests that you visit Charitynavigator.org, a website that provides financial ratings of thousands of nonprofit organizations and charities. The suggested charities on Thoughts.com are: Heal the Ocean, National Alliance to End Homelessness, Save the Children and Amnesty International.

Thoughts.com: free blog, free video and podcast hosting, forums and a social conscience. I like it!

Social Networkers are Shoppers, Too

According to a new study released by comScore, active or "heavy" members of social networks are more likely to visit online retail sites than non-members (95 percent versus 80 percent).

These heavy social networkers were much more likely to visit leisure-oriented retail categories. This is good news to marketers of entertainment (music, tickets, books and movies), fashion (apparel, jewelry, luxury goods and accessories), and retail technology (consumer electronics, computer software and hardware).

Click to read comScore Press Release:

According to comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni:
Visitors to social networking sites are more receptive to online advertising for leisure-oriented retail categories. . . There appears to be a natural synergy between the leisure categories and social networking sites. People typically enjoy sharing their experiences with these products, whether it’s to talk about their new iPhone or the pair of designer jeans they just bought.

Marketing Professionals Blog

Allinanchor.com, sponsor of this post, is a blog from the same marketing professionals who bring you the lead management and website analytics software, AIMpromote.

When I first saw the name of the blog, I wondered why someone would name their blog for a search engine optimization (SEO) command. The term, allinanchor, as in allinanchor:keyword, is a SEO command that returns only the sites that contain keyword in their anchor text. By naming their blog after a Google command, they are almost guaranteed top ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for the name of this search engine optimization tool that everyone uses.

While reading the blog, I saw a post with the title White Hats Don't Buy Links. With all the brouhaha about paid links and page rank since the last Google update, it is a must read. Click here to read it.

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treat for Halloween is picture of pumpkins and candied apples
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Leave Armstrong Williams Behind

Two Years Later, FCC Seeks to Fine Broadcasters Over Armstrong Williams - Advertising Age - MediaWorks - click to read entire article

From the article:
[FCC] proposed a $40,000 fine on Sunshine for airing "The Right Side with Armstrong Williams" 10 times between Jan. 4, 2004, and July 5, 2005, on WBPH-TV, Bethlehem, Pa., and Sinclair $36,000 for episodes of "America's Black Forum" and "2004 Election countdown" on nine stations in September 2004. In all the telecasts Mr. Williams spoke of No Child Left Behind.

In case you have been living at the North Pole, No Child Left Behind is the education strategy of George W Bush. It did not work in Texas and now it does not work countrywide. It has turned teaching into test preparation and has put our children in jeopardy of not being able to compete in the global economy.

Bloggers understand the importance of disclosure, transparency and honesty in advertising.

I find it distasteful that this man was 1) able to manipulate the media to push through a political agenda, 2) was paid for it, 3) did not disclose the relationship, and 4) that it has taken two years for the FCC to do anything about it.

Blog Village Quarterly Carnival | Fall Fest

Blog Village Quarterly Carnival
Fall Fest
October 29, 2007

Fall Fest, The Blog Village Quarterly Carnival, will be held on Advertising for Success blog on Monday, October 29, 2007. Select your best Halloween or Fall post and submit it today. Do it now, so you do not forget . . .

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Blog Your Blessing : Simple Things

Dolphin Smiles

Duck Laughs

Life is really simple,
but we insist on making it complicated.

Confucius (551-479 BC)

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The Freshest Coffee in the World

Jura Capresso coffee machines make aromatic coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte! They grind, measure, pressure brew, serve and clean up! Leaving you with nothing to do, but drink the excellent coffee you made.

Coffee is ground for each cup just before brewing. Pressure brewing forces hot water through the grounds in 30 seconds, which extracts flavor and aroma and leaves behinds any bitterness. You cannot make fresher coffee. Remember jura capresso next time you want coffee.

Visit 1stincoffee.com, sponsor of this post, for more information.

Discovery Acquires HowStuffWorks.com

HowStuffWorks Another Piece of Social-Networking Puzzle - Advertising Age - MediaWorks-click to read entire article

From the article:
Discovery Communications, which owns the Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet, plans to integrate more than 100,000 hours of programming on HowStuffWorks.com, which had 3.9 million unique U.S. visitors and 18 million page views this September, according to ComScore.

The latest digital property Discovery Communications purchased to help them build social-networking communities is HowStuffWorks. Animal Planet acquired Petfinder.com in November 2006 and Planet Green purchased Treehugger.com in early August.

With this acquisition, Discovery Communications has the capacity to create content that my be easily monetized. The example given in the article is about hybrid cars. HowStuffWorks can provide a variety of information, from how hybrids work to videos of concept cars to related articles on carbon emissions. Thus the advertiser can choose exactly where to place their ads.

Wall and Ceiling TV Mounts

I have been looking at mounts for big TVs. Michael wants a huge TV, but I do not want to give up the floor space, so I am going to find a plasma mount.

I went to Stands and Mounts.com, sponsor of this post, and found an entire page just to describe all the types of mounts available. They had wall and ceiling television mounts to fit most 10-70" flat screen TVs.

If you cannot find what you need here, you need to get a life. LOL

Stop the Slaughter of the Gray Wolves

Instead of protecting wolves, the current administration is going to allow hundreds of wolves to be gunned down in cold blood.Below is the commercial that would bring attention to the awful process that will soon take place. The Grey Wolves only exist in certain areas and they are to be hunted down and cleared out of those remote areas. Make a donation or spread the word so that we can stop this. Do it today, please!

Click here to stop the slaughter
by donating whatever you can toward airing this ad on national TV

This post is in support of Blog Action Day 10/15/2007

How Can You Help?
Donate to the Natural Resources Defense Council

Looking to Lose a Tattoo?

Did you ever wonder if those huge tattoos that people put across their back and on their arms would become bothersome as the wearers approach middle age? It is kind of hard on the corporate image when your wife flaunts a feathered serpent on her back at the black tie dinner. It is also hard for a parent to be a role model against gangs when their hands are covered with prison tattoos. What about the man who tattoos the name of the love of his life on his arm in the middle of a big red heart right before she runs off with another?

Most of us cannot afford laser surgery to remove a tattoo. So what to do? Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) is an peeling agent that causes an inflammation of the skin above the tattoo, eventually bringing the inks to the top of the skin, thus lightening the tattoo. TCA is commonly used by doctors, health spas and private individuals to remove fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars on the face. It removes 85 percent of tattoos and significantly lightens the over 15 percent.

So, if you are interested in tattoo removal, TCA is what you should try. There are other bleaching creams on the market, but I have heard that they contain a harmful substance known as Hydroquinone, which is banned in several countries for causing skin damage and possibly leading to skin cancer. The FDA proposed a ban on Hydroquinone in 2006, but has not yet banned it.

Below is the press release on TCA.

Press Release:

InkBusters.com Press Release

Headline: FDA bans Tattoo Removal Creams?

San Diego - With the launch of it’s new website, Inkbusters.com warns the public about possible health risks associated with using tattoo removal creams purchased on the Internet. The new site states “many” tattoo removal creams sold online contain Hydroquinone, which is usually the active ingredient in skin bleaching creams.

In August 2006 the FDA proposed a ban on over the counter skin bleaching creams containing Hydroquinone due to concerns about Cancer and Exogenous Ochronosis. This proposed ban is similar to those already enacted in Japan, France, Great Britain and Australia for the same reasons.

InkBusters.com CEO Rick Barker notes, “Indirectly—and probably without knowing it—the FDA is saying they think the tattooed public may be at risk if they use tattoo removal creams containing Hydroquinone. This is particularly true when you consider most skin bleaching cream makers––prescription or OTC––never recommend Hydroquinone be used more than 4-6 months for maximum effect. Many tattoo removal cream makers online offer supplies well beyond this recommended period.”

InkBusters.com sells TCA at its website to help consumers remove tattoos in a natural non-laser fashion. TCA is a popular non-prescription skin-peeling agent commonly used by doctors, health spas and private individuals to remove fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars on the face. TCA has twice been medically tested and proven to fade and/or remove tattoos on the body. TCA looks and feels like water and is applied with a q-tip. There is no Hydroquinone in TCA.

Blog Your Blessing : Think and Become

Sunset Over Medinaphotography by Eileen Trainor ~ all rights reserved
Lake Medina, Texas in Winter 2006

All that we are is the result of what we have thought.
If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him.

If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought,
happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought.
The mind is everything. What we think we become.


Buddha lived so long ago, yet everything he says is as true today as it was in the past. We are all becoming what we think, today, tomorrow and yesterday. Make sure your thoughts are ones that you wish to experience in your life. If we all think the best thoughts, perhaps we can change the world. Try it with me, won't you?

The Blue Panther Experience is host for Blog Your Blessings. Click this link and grab the blogroll code. Just add the blogroll code to your blog, leave a comment on Blue Panther Experience and post your blessing. We are of all faiths, creeds and races, so everyone is welcome. Join us on Sunday as we blog our blessings.

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Golfing at PETSMART

We took our dog, Rags, to PETSMART today and he pranced around having a great time. All these women were coming up and loving on him and he was just the star of the store! We were there to purchase a dog bed. I have been trying to make him a bed, using blankets and pillows, but we decided to get him an authentic dog bed. They had all sorts of beds, but I wanted one with foam and fake sheepskin: a geriatric dog bed. I found one and then I bought a soft pillow to put on it. Now Rags has a bed almost as expensive as our Sleep by Number bed.

While we were there, we were looking at all the things they have for animals. Halloween costumes, boots, flotation devices, coats and capes, you name it. They had this strange looking closed basketball net with a tennis ball in it. You put the ball in it and swing it to send the ball flying. They also had a golf putter with a tennis ball. Michael was trying that one out. He was used to have a golf ball, so when he hit it, it went sailing and broke a ceiling light! The employees were so nice. They said things like that happen all the time. Luckily, there is a Lighting Showcase, sponsor of this post, located nearby.

Host Color : Multi Domain Hosting

Why would you need multi domain hosting?
  • The smileys have taken over your forum.
  • You have more blogs than letters in your first and last name.
  • Your shopping cart plug-in expired and your store catalog disappeared.
  • Your hosting company has started calling you the bandwidth bandit.
  • Every photograph you have is stored in three formats (big, bigger, bloated).
  • Your blogs load so slowly that your friends load them in the morning so they can read your posts from the day before.
Host Color designed the Muti Domain hosting plan to provide you bloggingistas with a low-cost solution for managing your many blogs. This plan includes:
  • Free .US, .CC or .EU domain;
  • Unlimited sub-domains;
  • 30,000 MB web storage, 500 GB bandwidth;
  • Joomla CMS software platform;
  • WordPress blog software;
  • b2Evolution blog platform;
  • Zen Shopping cart;
  • OpenAds advertisement management system;
  • phpBB forum software;
  • 90-day money back guarantee;
  • choose your server location: Indiana, USA or Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and
  • this plan has so many extras that if I list them, I will have to figure out what they are!
HostColor has a hosting buyout program. If you have a hosting account elsewhere and you want to move to HostColor, you just choose your web hosting package, sign up and pay for it. Then you complete a form and send proof of purchase for current hosting to HostColor, who will extend your contract for the amount of time left on your old contract. They will also help you move everything over from your old host.

Visit HostColor, sponsor of this post, and see what they have to offer you. You will be surprised.

Take a Different Lunch Break Tomorrow

Adverblog: The other lunch break - view complete article

From the article:
. . . tired of having everyday the same lunch, discover MINI's alternative proposals. On the other lunch break you will discover a series of activities organized to make you experience something new during lunch break.
the other lunch breakMan/Woman School

Only catch is you must live in London. Somehow, it is related to this other website (below) and they are both related to the launch of the MINI Clubman.

tip of the hat (thanks)Ebola Blog - Way to build a buzz and I cannot even read Italian!

Balanced Scorecard for Strategic Planning

This is a sponsored review of Balanced Scorecard Designer by Strategy2Act.com. BSC Designer is a tool for using the balanced scorecard framework for strategic planning. I also have reviewed this product on CoolAdzine for Marketers, so you may want to view that post as well.

Strategic Planning!

When I hear these words, I think of stuffy rooms, white boards and those markers whose fumes make your head spin, huge sticky post-its curling up on pale green walls, stale coffee, too many donuts, and playing the gatekeeper so everyone gets to contribute. In short, boil me in oil rather than ask that I help write another mission statement or outline short-term and long-term goal and the accompanying key performance indicators (KPIs) or key result areas (KRAs).

I remember the first time I saw the term, Key Performance Indicator. I just shook my head and looked at the stack of blank job descriptions that were to be completed (by me) for every full-time and part-time position in the largest department on campus. In the new strategic plan, written by the incoming administration, employee job descriptions and performance evaluations were to be synchronized with strategic plan. Then I shrugged it off and started in on the first job description. "This is not too hard," I thought.

Then I saw "performance standard" and "evaluation criteria." I think I ducked into the Woman's restroom for a primal scream. Well, that experience and many like it are behind me now; but every day, some manager, administrator or employee faces developing job descriptions and performance evaluations based upon them. In essence, we try to quantify the qualitative work that we do.

There is hope. Strategy2Act.com has developed a tool used in balanced scorecard management. Balanced Scorecard Designer by Strategy2Act.com can help bring goals for employees in line with goals for the company.

Annotated Screenshot of BSC Designer

When finished, you may save your results of the BSC Designer as .bsc file type so that it may be easily shared and modified. Alternately, you can export data to MS Excel, where you may use data from the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

When you begin implementing balanced scorecard, you may want to purchase metrics already written for your type of business.

Metrics Available from Strategy2Act
  • HR Metrics: HR, HR Hire, HR Training
  • CRM Metrics: Customer Relationship, Call-Center, Help Desk
  • Marketing Metrics: Web Investment, Brand Evaluation, Web Advertising, Presentation, Marketing
  • Sales Metrics: Retail Sales, Sales
  • Security Metrics: Identity Theft Risks, Security and Privacy, IT Security
  • Transportation Metrics: Supply Chain, Transportation
  • Other Metrics: Real Estate, Inventory and Warehousing, Productivity

AlmondNet BT purchase-intent data

National Ad Force to Distribute AlmondNet Behavioral Ads - MarketingVOX - click to read entire article

AlmondNet just announced a strategic Partnership with National AdForce, an interactive online advertising sales company. The partnership will allow the re-sale of AlmondNet’s BT purchase-intent data. (Can we say Gold Mine?)

From the article:
AlmondNet utilizes a process called "Post-Search behavioral targeting" to drive targeted display advertising to US and UK users across 40 demographic segments. Each user hosts a cookie that divulges recently-demonstrated purchase-intent to the ad firm.
Tip of the hat (thanks)
Beth Schechner from TrylonSMR

Mobile Marketing and You

A study sponsored by the Online Publisher's Association was published on AdWeek (Consumers Eye Mobile Web, 03/08/07). This study, using TNS Sixth Dimension Interactive Panels in the USA, found that 71 percent of the 1000+ mobile users surveyed said they have web access protocol (WAP) on their cell phone and 40+ percent said they have used these services.

Approximately 58 percent of the respondents stated they were less than satisfied using the mobile phone to surf the web because of delays in accessing their carrier's wap site or difficulty in navigating the mobile website once they reached it. It appears there is a lot of work to be done to make mobile websites more user friendly, let alone monetize the service with advertising.

GoLive! Mobile is a source for mobile website design and mobile website hosting, and they offer a robust solution to businesses who wish to have a mobile presence quickly. If you are looking to put your business on mobile, you should visit our friends at GoLive! Mobile and see how easy they have made it.

Coors Light is the Official Beer of NASCAR!

Advertising Age-read article

From article:
Coors Light is in and Budweiser is out as the official beer of Nascar, the auto-racing league said. Beginning in 2008, the five-year, $20 million deal gives Coors Light exclusive access to Nascar logos in advertising, packaging and promotions, as well as the right to brand the Pole Award, which goes to the fastest-qualifying time in each race

I would think heads are rolling around Bud HQ right now, wouldn't you?


Nicole Hilton is pregnant according to sources. She must stop drinking and taking drugs until the baby is born. If she is going to continue to drink and do drugs, she should think about terminating the pregnancy.

There are many alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs in California, like Cliff Side Malibu, sponsor of this post. Alcohol (wine, beer or liquor) is the leading known preventable cause of mental and physical birth defects in the United States. Every year in the USA, 1 in every 750 infants is born with a pattern of physical, developmental, and functional problems referred to as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), while another 40,000 are born with fetal alcohol effects (FAE).

There has been much speculation about whether or not Brittany Spears' son has fetal alcohol syndrome. For that baby it is too late to change his life. However, Nicole could still straighten up and have perfectly normal baby.

I pray that she does.

$1 billion invested in past year in 35 virtual worlds

worlds within worlds

$1 Billion invested in 35 virtual world companies from October 2006 to October 2007

Research by Virtual Worlds Management reveals 33 Companies Raise $196.8 Million,Two Companies Acquired for $810 Million - click to read entire article

Excerpt from the article:

Investment spanned the entire virtual worlds value chain, including technology platform companies, virtual worlds developers, service providers and tools providers. Business models of the companies raising capital vary, ranging from advertising and subscriptions to virtual item sales, to enterprise software licensing, hosting and services.

With this incredible influx of funding and the names involved, I would say virtual worlds will not fade away, but become more of a fixture of everyday life for many. I only hope they take better care of the virtual worlds than they did the real one (Earth).

Tomorrow May Be Too Late for Life Insurance

Everyone needs life insurance to help cover bills we leave behind. You do not want your loved one to have to untangle 20 years of financial dealings to access information before he or she can start to pay bills and keep the household going.

The nice thing about life insurance is, at least in Texas, the benefits paid are NOT considered part of the estate, so the funds are released almost immediately to the beneficiary. That means your kids have lunch money, your spouse has gas money, there is money for groceries and, last but not least, with which to bury you. SecureInsuranceQuotes.com, sponsor of this post, will be happy to give you as many insurance quotes that you need to find the perfect fit for your needs and pocketbook.

Blog Your Blessing : Deep Peace

Deep Running WavePhotograph by Eileen Trainor - all rights reserved

Deep peace of the running wave to you.

Deep peace of the flowing air to you.

Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.

Deep peace of the shining stars to you.

Deep peace of the infinite peace to you.

Gaelic runes

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Enjoy The Orleans Hotel and Casino

The Orleans HotelThe Orleans hotel Las Vegas is located two miles west of the Las Vegas strip, but shuttle service to the Gold Coast puts you right in the middle of the action. If you do not want to leave the hotel, you will find all the entertainment you could want at The Orleans, sponsor of this post.

Take in a show with Las Vegas greats like Lou Rawls or Frankie Valli. Spend your money at your game of chance. Discover the landscaped grounds with pool, Jacuzzi, a heated pool for the children, a lounging pool, a bubbling spa and a hot tub. The full-featured spa can provide a massage, body wrap, skin treatments and facials.

Are you more the action type? There is a 70-lane bowling center, 18 theater screens and a huge video arcade.

The Other Face of Facebook

Well, this is disturbing. For some reason I thought Facebook was more than just a MySpace for grownups. To allow, to encourage, to facilitate, the theft of identities shows an utter disregard for its members. Unless they can get this straightened out, the future of Facebook is uncertain.

Facebook Privacy Settings Putting Users At Risk -- Facebook Privacy -- InformationWeek
. . . more than 421,000 members in New York, 866,000 members in the Toronto area, and 476,000 in Vancouver, the social networking site can be extremely enticing for cybercriminals looking for prey. The Sophos study showed that 54% of users in the London network show their full date of birth, which is key information for identity thieves. Approximately 12,000 Londoners even give out their phone number to more than a million strangers.

The Press Association: ID fraud warning for Facebook users
Members of Facebook could be putting themselves at risk of identity fraud, experts have warned. Three-quarters of users on the website's London network allow their profiles to be viewed by any other member, a snapshot survey by IT security firm Sophos found. This makes their personal details available to thousands of Facebook users regardless of whether they are friends or strangers.
Advertising Age
New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office said it is investigating safety measures at Facebook after its investigators went undercover as under-age users of the social-networking service and were repeatedly sexually solicited.

The Mad Gringo Teaches Us to Go Slow

Mad Gringo Logo
Mad Gringo

Mad Gringo is a purveyor of fine hawaiian shirts and the Go Slow way of life. The Go Slow way of life is one that you will find in small coastal towns, amongst the redwood forests of the northwest, in many areas in Texas along rivers and back roads. Go Slow is any time that people live life with pleasure, enjoy what they do, and work at what they love, if they work at all. Think of a cross between Jimmy Buffet and Willie Nelson and you have the Go Slow way of life wired.

Mad Gringo Hawaiian shirtsMad Gringo Hawaiian Shirts

The Mad Gringo shirts are made of rayon for easy wash and wear. All shirts have coconut buttons, a straight cut at bottom with side vents, and they all come with the Mad Gringo Go Slow Guarantee. Each shirt comes with a description of how you will feel when you hold it in your hands and wear it.

For you Go Slow purists there is one cotton shirt called the Wave Runner. It is an electric blue wash background with islands, surfboards, sailing canoes, palm trees and wahines in grass skirts. This is the shirt you think of when anyone says Hawaiian shirt.

Seriously, these are some of the finest Hawaiian shirts I have seen, and I have had at least three friends who wore nothing but Hawaiian shirts.

Sarongs and PareosSarongs and Pareos

The Mad Gringo, sponsor of this post, carries sarongs and pareos (for the ladies or the very confident gentlemen), t-shirts for males and females, and accessories, like stickers and signs.

If you need more help with the Go Slow lifestyle, order a shirt and wear it. Listen to Do Ho records and get a wave machine. It will come to you.

RIP - Engagement as Metric

Poster Boy of Engagement Exits ARF - Advertising Age - News- read blog post

From post:
In 2006, it was arguably the industry's biggest buzzword. As web marketing and its precise measurements of online behavior became more prevalent, traditional media started to feel pressure to prove its influence. All eyes were on Mr. Plummer at a 2006 ARF event when he unveiled the advertising group's definition of engagement: "Turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context."

So, what happened?

The measurement of awareness advertising was to evolve from unique impressions to audience engagement. The only problem was no one could ever agree on exactly how to measure engagement. It was not for lack of trying.

Professional Sports Photography

Do you have a son or daughter in college sports? There is a business called Replay Photos and they offer a comprehensive gallery of still photography for all of their member universities. So instead of you having to climb down over the bleachers to get that perfect picture, you can rely on these professional photographers to capture the magic for you.

The member schools develop their consumer photography brand that leads consumers to a licensed, university-approved offering of images like the Tennessee football team. The photographs are spectacular, they are mounted to your requirements and shipped to your home. Sweet.

True Beauty Comes With Photoshop?

I had to find this video after posting the one below. I believe we must teach our children, girls and boys, that there is an impossible standard set for beauty or handsome in this country and that in trying to attain that standard, we lose what makes us unique.

When I was in college, I took a course in anthropology and we studied the beauty knows no pain philosophy of the Klgore Rangerettes. They are a precision drill team from Kilgore College in Texas. If you are interested in what beauty at any price can cost, you may want to read this article on the Kilgore Rangerettes.

Coupon Chief : Coupons for What You Need

With prime time shopping just over the horizon, it may be a good idea to start looking for the best deals. There is one place I always go first to look for coupons It is an excellent website for online shopping coupons. You really should visit Coupon Chief, a coupon codes website, which is loaded with online coupons, coupon codes and free coupons you may print.

Coupon Chief has many online coupons and coupon codes for top-notch stores like Target, BestBuy coupons, and Hewlett-Packard coupons. Looking for something in particular? Browse by brand, store name, category or new offers. Coupon Chief also has an RSS feed so you will never have to missa coupon again! Take a look at my sidebar. I am piping in the CouponChief feed.

This is a totally free service provided by Coupon Chief. Visit Today.

Dove Pummels Young Girl With Sexual Imagery in 'Onslaught'

From Adrants
After watching Dove's new Ogilvy-created commercial, Onslaught, a follow up to Evolution, you might become a bit sickened you work in an industry that forces impossible ideals down the throats of innocent children. Now if you think that's overstating things a bit, just watch the new commercial. You know it's true. You know there are far too may "bigger, better, more beautiful, clearer, slimmer, fuller, trimmer" ads out there incessantly bombarding people with messages that basically say you're too fat, ugly, flat, dowdy, slobby for your own good and you simply must rush out and buy product after product after product that promise to turn you into a super model but will do nothing but drain your purse.

My Thoughts

Young girls have enough to deal with than to try and be smart, but not too smart; pretty, but not too pretty that their friends won't hang will them; not too ugly, because then you just do not fit.

We have answers that will make you more like everyone else. Sculpting, tightening, lengthening and straightening. If that does not work, we have lap bands, staples and tortuous diets. Botox, yes we have Botox.

We have pills that will do anything you need. Sleeping, wake up! Wide awake, take a pill. Sad, get happy. Happy, get grieving. When all else fails, we give it a name like bulimia and anorexia.

By then, however, it is too late. Because you cannot be pretty if you are skeletal and purging takes all the enamel off your teeth, and bulimia takes the shine right out of your hair.

Not to speak of all the health conditions: like esophageal ulceration, vitamin deficiencies that can bring on conditions like scurvy, failure to thrive, complete organ failure.

Thanks you for making this advertisement. Talk to your children about what it means. Teach them to rejoice in their differences! Let us not have another Paris Hilton, Leslie Lohan or Nicole Ritchie.