Get a Kippah

Now this is funny! A kippah is a traditional head covering worn by some Jewish men. Buy a kippah and display your political bent. Or buy a hot kippah to show you are just bent.

The Obamica
Logo on one side with Obamica 08. The other side reads My Bubby is voting Obama. Bubby can either mean woman's breast or a friendly term for anybody you like. Take your pick.

The McCippah
Modified McCippah logo on one side. The other side reads John McCain is Zayer Shain, which is Yiddish for John McCain is great. At least that is what the website says. I could not find it in my Yiddish/English dictionary, which makes me very uneasy. hopes to position the Kippah/Yarmulke/Skullcap as THE fashion accessory. Stay tuned for the Bluetooth Kippah and the the ringtone Yarmulke. Can the kippah with built in iPod pocket be next? Oh no, wait until the college fraternities get ahold of a kippah. Somehow they will attach beer to it. LOL

Debt Got You Down?

No matter how deeply in debt you may be, you need to stop adding to your debt and to begin paying off your creditors--NOW. If you ever wish to own a home, buy a new car, take out an educational loan or even to qualify for certain jobs, a good credit rating is a must.

I was reading How It Works on the Debt Free 24, a credit consolidation website. If you are interested, just complete the online forms and a customer service rep will contact you about your debt and current money flow and needs. If you come to an agreement, Debt Free 24 will contact your creditors and negotiate lower interest rates on your debt. Some credit card companies will also roll back penalties and clear your credit as long as you stay current.

Once all the creditors are working to help you repair your debt, you will be given one monthly payment to send to Debt Free 24. They will pay your bills. In most cases, the payment is lower than what you are now paying for all your bills. You are also repairing your credit and reducing your debt.

I am sure you are also paying a fee to Debt Free 24 as well. However, using this type of debt management program can help you reduce the time it takes to pay off your current outstanding debts! Paying less interest will mean your debt will re reduced at a faster rate.

Make sure you understand all the ins and outs of the services provided by debt consolidation firms before you sign any contract. However, I know three different people who went from paying 27+ percent interest rate on their credit cards to paying 8 percent. If you are disciplined and do not start the circle of indebtedness again, you can be debt free.

I wish you all the success.

Blog your Blessing : Chocolate

One day I had a date for lunch with old friends. One of these old friends was Marie, a woman about 70 years old. When the menus were presented, some of us ordered salads, some sandwiches and some soups. Marie said, "I will have two scoops of ice cream, please, chocolate."

Everyone looked at each other and then at Marie. Unfazed by all the attention, she continued with her order. "With that ice cream, bring a slice of apple pie, heated, please." We all acted nonchalant, as if people did this all the time. We were cool, right? When our lunch was served, all eyes were on Marie's selection. Being the well-mannered women we are, we did not say anything to Marie about her diet.

A few days later, I called and invited Marie to lunch. After I ordered a salad with dressing on the side, my mouth dropped open when Marie ordered a parfait, with whipped cream. I smiled at Marie and she asked if she amused me. I answered, "Yes, you do, but also you confuse me. Why do you order rich desserts instead of a sensible meal?"

Marie giggled and said,"I try to eat the food my body requires and keep fit by walking. But, life is so short, my friend, that I do not want to miss anything." She continued, "This year I realized how old I am--I have never been this old before."

"So, before I die, I am going to try the things that I have wanted to do for years! I want to see the tulips in Holland, swim in the spring-fed pool, read all the classics, see a NASCAR race, attend a rodeo, see all the volcanoes in Hawaii, laugh at all the jokes, shop all the outlet malls and go backstage at a Willie Nelson concert."

Marie spoke of missed Broadway shows, phone calls not returned, letters not mailed, church services missed and comfort calls not made. She wants to walk in the rain and fall in love again. She hopes to sit in an old country church and thank God for His Grace.

If she chooses to have dessert instead of dinner, then should she die before morning, she would die a winner, to her way of thinking. "I would have filled my heart's desire by eating that final sweet before my life expired."

I called the waitress over. "I have changed my mind, I want what she is having only add some fudge sauce, whipped cream and a cherry on top!"

Be good to yourself,
Take more chances,
Laugh more often and
May you die with chocolate on your lips.

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Update On Net Neutrality

Save the Net Now

FCC chair Kevin Martin has gone on record to say he plans to rule that Comcast violated net neutrality principles. So, we may be certain that the FCC will issue a ruling against the cable company.

Daily Online Examiner » Blog Archive » Comcast to FCC: Our Traffic Shaping Was Lawful
But that doesn't mean there's no suspense left. Digital rights advocates are worried that the ruling might be too narrow to serve as a ringing endorsement of net neutrality. And Comcast is still clearly hoping that whatever order comes down has little impact on the company's practices.

Comcast sent the FCC a letter, retaining the tired argument that it did nothing wrong in delaying some peer-to-peer traffic. This letter, prompted by a filing last week by net neutrality advocate Free Press,. Free Press claims that Comcast's approach for managing such congestion is unreasonable and violates the rules of net neutrailty.

There might not be a "comprehensive list of standards," but the FCC has been on record since 2005 as saying that consumers should have access to applications of their choice.

I agree. Do you? Visit Save the and see what you can do today to help.

Discover New Jersey

My cousin who lives in New York State told me that she, her husband and child might move to New Jersey. I am not sure where she is planning to move, but I looked at the map of New Jersey and there are six regions: Gateway, Shore, Southern Shore, Atlantic City, Delaware River and Skylands.

There are miles and miles of beaches, 11 lighthouses, historic towns and byways, gambling and big city entertainment, family fun destinations, snowboarding and skiing, wineries, cultural centers, music venues and many places to get away from it all.

I entered the search phrase, Real Estate New Jersey, and found a site called This is a great website if you want the "street view" for homes in almost 1500 cities nationwide. You may also use the site for reference to find information on the costs of homes, weather patterns, crime statistics, length of commute to major city for over 22,000 cities across the United States. There are also several guides on buying and selling a home, financing, moving and home and garden.

I read that New Jersey is the most densely populated and the second wealthiest state in the nation due to some areas of New Jersey being part of the Greater Metropolitan areas of New York City and Philadelphia. My cousin and her family will be moving to a very central location if they wish to travel the eastern seaboard. One thing I did notice is that homes are expensive compared to Texas. The advanced search function had the division of $400,000 and under. In Texas, that would be $100,000 and under. Maybe my relatives have more money than I knew. I shall visit them when they move into their palatial new home.

Blog Your Blessing : Food for the Hungry

in the sense of the absence of war,

is of little value to someone
who is dying of
hunger or cold.

It will not remove the pain

of torture inflicted on a
prisoner of conscience.

It does not comfort those who have lost their
loved ones in floods caused by senseless
deforestation in a neighboring country.

Peace can only last where human rights
are respected, where people are fed,
and where individuals and nations are free.

-- The XIVth Dalai Lama

The Hunger Site

Help end world hunger

The Child Health Site

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Have You Made the Change to Vista?

I was in a real comfort zone with Windows XP and did not want to learn a new operating system. I have used all the Windows operating systems and before that, DOS, so I know technology improves as it advances. I finally took the big step with my newest laptop and installed Windows Vista. There are some differences between Windows XP and Windows Vista that you will notice right off the bat.

Windows Interface

The Windows Aero interface, with live icons and the flip three-dimensional feature is definitely different than the XP interface. Hover on a diminished window on the task bar and live icons show you what is running in that window. In Windows Vista, when you are in a folder, the sidebar shows you other folders that you may toggle using 3D flip or ALT+TAB.

The START menu in Vista is much more streamlined than Windows XP. The integrated search feature in the START menu is more robust than the one in Windows XP. You may search for files or applications by typing the first few letters of the name in the search box.

Windows Vista has a feature where users access the computer but may not access critical applications and administrative functions. This feature keeps busy hands from changing your settings or deleting necessary components of the operating system. I found this feature the hardest to get used to. I kept looking for hardware profiles and such that you find in Windows XP.

Windows Security

In Windows Vista, the parental controls let you limit the programs, the websites and the hours users may access the computer and view the documents and the sites users have accessed. This is especially helpful as children become teenagers and learn to clear cache, history and cookies.

Windows Vista has two firewalls, the standard firewall found on Windows XP and another one that has advanced features and filters outgoing as well as incoming data. This is helpful if you have an open port of which you are unaware and someone is listening.


There are issues with Windows Vista, such as the 32-bit system limit on memory, but most users will love the clean interface and the enhanced security features. If not, there are many articles online to tell you how to "tweak" Vista. The most important piece of advice I can give you would be to make sure you are installing Windows updates on a timely basis.

Sponsored by Windows Vista

New Broadband Router and Modem

I was using an old Linksys router and Westel modem linked to an old eMachine running Windows ME for managing my DSL Internet assess. It had gotten where I spent more time trying to access the Internet than I did on it! Last week, I spent five hours trying to troubleshoot my home network. I would call my telephone company who supply the DSL and the modem and they would try a few things and then tell me to call Linksys.

Finally, I just asked the telephone company if they had a DSL modem and wireless router that did not have to be linked by Ethernet cables to each other and to a computer to work. Yahoo! For $4 extra a month, I now have a small combination modem/router that sits on my nightstand and works perfectly. I packed up that old router, modem and two eMachines and they are on their way to Goodwill.

Ahhhhh . . . technology. I love it when it works.

Applicant Tracking Made Simple

In this economy, a company that advertises job openings or a recruiter that solicits clients is inundated with applications, resumes, cover letters, letters of interest, reference letters, emails and telephone calls. How do you manage this data? You must manage Applicant Tracking if your company is to have the best candidate for the position..

Resume Direct is an Applicant Tracking System by HRMDirect. Convert your current application into an online version and capture the information you need and convert it into data automatically. Access this data from any computer with a web browser. In fact, keep all your applicant files online, easily accessible to all the top decision makers.

Due to the overwhelming number of applications received per opening, your company may want to implement prescreening questionnaires to verify skill sets and desired personality characteristics. Applicants may complete online skill and behavioral tests as part of the application process. Once you have identified potential candidates, you may also have background checks run on them.

Resume Direct provides much more than just Applicant Tracking. It will also simplify your EEO reporting procedures in compliance with guidelines for Internet recruiting; organize your applicant data into a database that you may use for supplemental hiring, report generation, litigation defense and more.

Interested? You may try ResumeDirect free for 30 days. This is totally a win-win situation.

Blog Your Blessing : Relaxation

Visit Gaiam Life by clicking the picture above. Naturopathic physician, wellness coach and triathlete James Rouse guides you in relaxing. Two minutes to change your state of mind, reduce stress and gain control over your thinking. Not a bad investment of your time, eh?

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Start Tracking Conversations in Twitter Land

Do you use twitter? Are you making the best use of this conversational tool?

New Twitter Tools to Use

Summize Conversational Search - Summize searches for, tracks and displays conversations on Twitter, FriendFeed and Plurk. Just enter a search term, key word or name to find the latest buzz. While you are there, add Summize search engine to your browser.

TweetDeck (beta) - TweetDeck is an application that allows you to organize tweets into discrete topics or group specific columns in a local database. One column contains all your tweets. By using the GROUP, SEARCH and REPLIES buttons, you may add columns. Twitter offline and TweetDeck stores the messages and sends them when you connect to the Internet. This is an Adobe Air application, so you will be directed to download that application.

New Updated Fast Dropping List

If you were using the fast dropping list on Tysblog or UnpredictableLife, chetan at Blog-O-Ninja has created a new list that he has updated and promises to keep updated as websites change and leave Entrecard. To be on the list, your blog must load quickly and it is a good idea to add the widget to above the "fold" of your blog (no scrolling needed).

How I Get 300 fast drops daily.

chetan is very helpful and assists users who have problems using his list. This is a generous offer. If this idea of fast dropping appeals to you, please click this link: New Entrecard Bookmark And Dropping List | Blog-O-Ninja and follow his directions. Leave your URL and he will add your blog to future updates.

Brad's Technorati Experiment

8/11/2008 : Updated this list with all the current blogs. I am sorry to say I did not get a boost in Technorati authority from this project, but it may just take awhile. In the meantime, you may want to try the TechnoFaveTrain that I have posted on LosingProposition.

Give And Go - Technorati Authority Increase Anyone? | Brad Blogging

  1. Copy The List Below into Blog Post.
  2. Add Your Link To The List (below).
  3. Comment On This Post So The List is Updated With Your Link
  4. Watch Your Authority Sky-Rocket..

*–Copy Here - Technorati Authority–*
*1. Brad - Personal Blog Tips And Blog Help

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4. Steve v4.6 - Big Made Small


6. Indo - Find the Latest Contest Here

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175. Benefit everyone on this list. Join Today!

Blog Your Blessing : Good Health

Good Health Blessing

God fills our cup of life each day
With gifts that make us strong,
He hears the prayers within our hearts
And always rights each wrong.

God fills our cup of life each day
And brings us to His door.
To shine His gift of perfect health
And fill our cups once more.

May the cup of God's blessing
And His presence too
Bring the gift of good health
To shine on you.

~ Patricia Ann Emme ~

Via MamaRocks

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The Biggest Entrecard Contest - Yet!

A huge Entrecard Contest was announced on July 5 on the Entrecard blog. The brain and the organizational skills behind this contest is Fantasy Baseball blog.

I just want one huge EC prize! The 10,000ec will do just fine. I would love to hold my own contest and 10K credits would be great. Check out the prizes below and get your entry in before the contest ends in 14 days from yesterday.

Entrecard Credit Prizes

Fantasy Baseball - 10,000ec : Q3-n - 5000ec : Øblog - 4000ec : Evil Woobie - 3000ec ; Turnip of Power - 1001ec : Celebrity Pictures - 1000ec : Evil Entrecard Kid! - 1000ec : Modern Glam - 1000ec : Dot Com Mogul - 1000ec : Blabberwocky - 1000ec : Looking For Scoop - 1000ec : - 1000ec : Travelin’ Show - 1000ec : The Hypnotist - 1000ec : Diet Pulpit - 1000ec : The Realtor - 500ec : Romelo - 500ec : - 500ec : Inspire Emotion - 500ec : Sue Doe-Nim - 500ec : Thailand Land of Smiles - 500ec : FitnessLifeClub - 500ec :Lisa Cooking - 500ec : JunkieYard Dot Com - 500ec : Movie Reviews - 500ec

Other Prizes

Aerten Art - A painting : ImpNERD - 125×125 ad for a month : PoemsofQuotes - A poem about the winner’s topic : - A custom made 125×125 card : Diet Pulpit - One week ad spot : JunkieYard Dot Com - Three blogroll links. : The Hypnotist - A hypnotic audio

How to Enter

Write about this contest on your blog, mentioning the one prize you want to win. Leave a comment with the link to your blog post on this blog post. 1 Entry

Write about this contest on your blog, mentioning the one prize you want to win and copy all of the sponsors. Then leave a comment on this blog post with the link of your blog post. 2 Entries

Endorphin Improves Efficacy of Scent Marketing

Believe it or not, the latest media is a delivery system for scent. If you wish to see the beginnings of scent marketing, you may want to read Wall Street Journal Leads Readers by the Nose and 2007 Might Be "The Year of the Scent" on this blog, Advertising for Success.

From the website:
This week's first international conference on scent marketing drew attendees from 20 countries . . . Scent World Conference also showcased an amazing array of technologies for dispensing, embedding and transmitting smells in spaces as small as supermarket product packages and as large as entire sports stadiums.

You Have to See This VIDEO

Please let me know what you think.

Calculated Conspicuous Consumption

We want to rent a car for a week over the July 4 holiday and go to the beach. We would love to drive down to the coast in a convertible.

I was visiting the Advantage car rental website and noticed that they are offering up to a 50 percent discount on Luxury and Convertible car rentals.

2008 Black Bentley GTC Convertible2008 Black Bentley GTC Convertible

Did you know that Advantage has a new Premium Collection, which contains cars like the 2008 White Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Convertible, 2008 Black Bentley GTC Convertible or a 2007 White Lexus SC430 Convertible?

At this time, you may only rent premium cars in Las Vegas and San Diego, so keep this in mind if you are going there. They are a little rich for my budget, but would be perfect for weddings, anniversaries, Quinceañeras or any time you want to feel special.