QlipBoard : Cool Web 2.0 Tool

Have you ever wished you could share more than words, links or photographs with your family, friends or clients? QlipBoard from Qlip Media is a free, simple, yet powerful program you may use to annotate your life, work, website or product.

With QlipBoard, it is easy to add photographs, voice overs, text and drawings to create a Qlippet to tell your story. Speak to your viewers as you show them your latest blog design, pen and ink drawing, photo essay or invention. Develop tutorials to explain and simplify processes at your work place. Send your mother the latest pictures of her grandchildren, complete with kid speak and family jokes.

It took longer to download and install QlipBoard than it did to learn how to use it. Basically, any item that you may create or open with your computer, whether it be photograph, drawing or web page, may be used to produce a Qlippet. Just as easily, you may share your work with others.

There are three plans for QlipBoard: Free, Pro and Enterprise. Free is advertising-supported with limited storage and features; Pro has more storage, additional features and support; and Enterprise adds branding and distribution to the mix. Both Pro and Enterprise versions of QlipBoard are free of advertisements and cost $89.95 per year. Visit Qlip Media, sponsor of this post, today and download your free beta version of QlipBoard.