Boost Mobile's Reboost is Quick and Easy

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

My last experience with a mobile phone contract was an outright disaster.  I thought that 1000 minutes for my husband, my son and me would be plenty of talk time for all of use. Silly me.  First, I had to add my son, $10 per month, which amended and extended the contract.  Next, I noticed we were out of money within ten days of the first of the month.  This was because I was paying 15 cents per message for each text my son sent or received.  So, I had to add a text package, which--you guessed it--extended my contract. 

Finally, my son turned 18.  This is a change of life event, so we canceled him off our contract so that he could purchase a cell phone and calling plan and pay his own way in the wacky world of mobile phones. However, you carrier did not see it our way.  We had to buy out his part of the contract or they would extend it again.  I never added up what that year of service actually cost me, it would have been too depressing.

Are you tired of making cell phone service providers rich?  Well, I have paid my last surcharge, endured my last dropped call and have had my contract extended for the last time!  In fact, I do not even want a contract!

I found out that Boost Mobile offers full service without roaming or payment fees. The best news is that Boost Mobile does not require a contract for services.  So you can pay-as-you-go.  If you are not sure how many minutes of calling, texting and messaging you will use each month, try the $2 per day unlimited service!

For $50 per month, you may have the monthly unlimited plan, which includes unlimited talk, text, email, messaging and 411 service.  For $60 per month, you get the Blackberry monthly unlimited plan, which includes unlimited talk, text, email, multimedia messaging and 411 services.

The easiest way to pay for your service is to pay-as-you-go or redeem a pin from a Re-Boost card or receipt.  However, you may pay online, through your phone or set up automatic payments with a credit card.  It is easy to view and to take care of your bill online.

The hardest decision you will make is selecting a phone. The BlackBerry is GPS Enabled, bluetooth capable and includes an 1 Gb memory card and a 2MP camera with flash, 5x zoom and video!  Not to mention a media player and a QWERTY keyboard and trackball.

If you want a cell phone that is simpler less expensive, look at the Motorola i776W with nationwide walkie-talkie, digital camera, multimedia and text messaging, hands-free talk, bluetooth capable,  GPS enabled and room for 600 of your closest friends in the contact list.

If you decide to go with Boost Mobile Re-Boost, leave me a message and tell me which phone you picked.

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Andy Beard's Take on Twitter

I have never met Andy Beard, yet I trust his opinion on all things having to do with Internet marketing, social media and general business. He is one of the most prolific writers I have met, but each post is packed with information you will not find anywhere else on the Internet. This latest post caught my attention because I use Twitter sometimes I wonder why.

Twitter Lists (part 1) – Twitter Wants Your Brand
. . . if you don’t have a Twitter account for your brand that is actively used (it is fairly safe to squat), it is highly likely that you will never have Twitter appear with realtime results for brand searches in the main SERP unless you are a trending topic.

Andy Beard provides information on optimizing for Twitter, yet he emphasizes that the Twitter appears to prefer name and brand in its ranking algorithm.

Take a moment and peruse  It is well worth a look.  I have put Andy's picture up so that if you see him at a conference, you may want to introduce yourself and attend any session with which he is associated.