. . . And They Did Not Get a Picture!

My neighbors stopped by for a visit today. It was good to see them. They were telling me a story of their son's latest adventures in skateboarding. He was skateboarding down at City Park and someone was having a family reunion in the pavilion. Rather than staying away from the danger zone, he had to be cool and skate through.

The floor of the pavilion is that really slick and shiny concrete. When he tried one of his tricks on the floor, his skateboard went one way and he went the other. He landed on one of the folding tables that held the food for the reunion.

There was potato salad, beans and BBQ all over the floor. My friends had to go down there, apologize, have a BBQ lunch catered in to replace the one on the floor and pay the deposit the family lost with the park service because of the mess. Oh, yes, they also had to buy a new table to replace the one that bit the dust on the concrete. I told them to visit BestFurnitureOnline.com, sponsor of this post.

Am I evil? I was glad someone's teenager besides from mine were in trouble You know what is really sad? They did not even get a picture!