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The view from my window.

Grandmother Wren

At home with Grandmother Wren

Rocket Scientist

I’m an engineer by accident. Since my field of choice tends to be science fiction and fantasy, I’m also interested in psychic power, dragons and faeries, magic, tarot, well, everything.

English Wilderness: Nature Photography

Exploring the wild places...

Spontaneous Insignificancy

Spontaneous personal blog of bem69 that covers about his life, things he finds interesting and a fair bit of his photography and art.

Otak 3 Pagi Experiment

bem69's art, design, illustrations and photography blog where he posts new creative works he makes. Works includes digital painting and vector illustrations.

Think you know NY a cash challenge

NY Silly offers users not only a chance to learn about New York but to be rewarded for their correct answers to our challenges. $100 video challenge at

Humor: Spacedust Funny Photos

At Spacedust we're building an amazing collection of crazy, funny pictures, a blend of old favourites and exclusive new photos. 2k page views daily (June 2009).

Small Business opportunity

This blog provides related ideas to start, plan and manage your own success small business opportunities

Student Loan Tips: Consolidation Review

review all types of student loan consolidation

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Branding the Moon to Benefit Mankind?

When I first saw the term, Advertise on the Moon, I thought it was a joke. After exploring, I found Moon Publicity, LLC, really does plan to sell advertising on the moon!

The reason? To stimulate space travel. Read on.

From the website : Moon Publicity | Advertise on the Moon
Forty years ago man walked on the Moon. Where have we walked since? It is time that we find a way. Creating images on the Moon provides a commercial incentive for turbo charging space travel technology. Shadows are only the beginning. These advancements will eventually place robots on other worlds building space stations and planting crops.
Shadow Shaping technology (patent pending) can create images on the Moon that may be viewed from the Earth. Future lander/robots will create ridges in the lunar dust that capture and shape shadows to form YOUR FOREVER AD.

Bid on your spot NOW.
moonpublicity.comTopographic map of the Moon from

From now until October 20, 2009, you may bid on ad space on the moon. I think it will be more like bidding to become a supply of capital to further this technology. The winning bids will be announced early November 2009.

Put your brand where everyone in the world will see it, 3-4 days a month--forever.

Blog Your Blessings : Human Relationships

If civilization is to survive,
we must cultivate the science of human relationships -
the ability of all peoples,
of all kinds,
to live together,
in the same world at peace.

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt ~

The Blue Panther Experience is host for Blog Your Blessings Sunday. We are of all faiths, creeds and races, so everyone is welcome. Join us on any Sunday as we blog our blessings.

eLearning and Staff Development is the only on-demand Talent Management Platform presented online in the world. Elearning is a great way to improve your skills or the skills of your staff.

Train your staff in basics, like OSHA regulations, sexual harassment and violence in the workplace. Offer Defensive Driving as a perk to your employees. Program Offers

LearnCenter platform manages creating and delivering high quality training and staff development.

FormFlow application builder module for the LearnCenter platform enables the creation of forms to be used in training and integrated into the workplace.

PeopleCenter platform automates manual processes, thus allowing them to be taught and used online.

WebRoom Web Conferencing Suite is a virtual space where teams can come together to meet, to collaborate, to learn or to teach.

Authoring Tools
help you to easily create Flash-based interactive courses that include quizzes, tests, games and simulations--with the content at your fingertips.

Content Library contains training for all types of projects, certifications and staff development.

I would love to have the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification. There is a lot of work available on a contract basis if you have this knowledge.

The following courses are part of the Professional Advantage Library content and should be used in training new staff: Conflict Resolution, Effective Feedback, Effective Negotiation, Interpersonal Behavior, Sexual Harassment, Time Management in the Workplace and Violence in the Workplace.

So, no more outsourcing your training. It may be handled online and in-house and courses may be modified or developed as needed.


10 Hottest Areas of Digital Marketing

Not many of us make it to big cities to the ad:tech conferences. Now, we can take part in a virtual conference on August 4 (11 am PDT/ 2 pm EDT).

The conference will be Cashing in on the Top 10 Hottest Areas of Digital Marketing. Aaron Goldman, Founder and Managing Partner of Connectual, will be the guest speaker. He will discuss digital marketing and how it might apply to your company. Make the most of social media, search, video and mobile.

The event is free. Register today.

Less on Entrecard, Inc. has been acquired by Los Angeles based ZipRunner Inc. In a email to all Entrecard members, Graham Langdon, founder, said he would be serving as advisor to ZipRunner.

No one seems to have heard about ZipRunner, so, in what has become normal communication with Entrecard, we are left with no information.

Mavens Wanted!

To survive in this economy, business people must function effectively with limited funds, outdated equipment and less administrative support. These same business people must also complete projects faster and more profitably than ever before.

What everyone really needs is a personal genie to appear and complete those projects with just a snap of fingers. While I do not have a line on genies, I do have information on Mavenlink, a new service that brings together clients, projects and experts in a simple system that is easy to understand and use.


Maven : one who is experienced or knowledgeable : expert (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary).

Do you need a professional to help you prepare an important marketing presentation, to research a patent application, to photograph your new office, to develop a website, to reconcile your accounts or to handle your property management?

Take a look at the Mavenlink website for more information and to view over 100 profiles of professionals in many disciplines. While you are there, sign up for a free account with Mavenlink. Mavens will want to join and post a detailed profile. Then they may want to peruse projects and bid on the ones for which they are qualified. Clients will want to join Mavenlink to post their projects.

Take a look today. Bookmark the site, too. Next time someone says that they "have people," you can look them in the eye and say, "well, I have mavens." Priceless.


Entrecard: Going, Going, Gone?

I have noticed lately that many people are dropping out of Entrecard (EC). There have been many changes at EC, and none of them good for the long-term users.

First, there were paid ads on our widgets. The paid ads for which we were not paid, nor did clickers on our widget earn credits. It seems the only paying to be done was to the admin of Entrecard. This did not go over well with anyone. An army of EC users started blogrolls, specifically containing blogs that do not allow paid ads.

Then there was the infamous cash out system. You were invited to apply to sell your credits back to Entrecard for a pittance. There was a tax on purchases and sales of credits. If you did not fill out every bit of information, you would find out weeks later. I was paid after a month and a half.

Next, members were to help by earning EC credits by filling out offers, surveys, sample requests and other dreck they found for us to do. There was talk of an algorithm that would take into account our contribution to Entrecard, the community and other items. No one, including admin, could explain this, so they dropped it.

Finally, we reach the next step in the evolution of Entrecard. A system is being developed as a countermeasure for the bounce rate. When you are frantically dropping Entrecards for several blogs and trying to hit the maximum of number of drops per blog, reading and commenting on blogs goes out the window.

Perhaps Entrecard will develop a business plan. One that takes all the pros and cons of Entrecard, implements a sustainable model and allows the system to continue. It is a shame that a wonderful program was launched without a plan and has survived on at the winds of fate for a couple of years.

Pink Marketing QLOG

I found something new on the Internet today. Visit, whic claims to be a QLOG. That is right--QLOG. I have never heard of the term before today, but I now I know.

QLOG is pronounced "clog,"--as in the thing that stops your sink from draining, the shoes my sisters still wear or a dance that originated in Appalachia.

Evidently, QLOG also means website that is 99% Queries and Quintessentials & 1% Quibblings.

The QLOG,, is a new online marketing website, where you may read articles or post your questions about PPC, conversion, ROI, analytics, email marketing or search engine marketing.

Amy Africa will answer your questions in a style that is all her own. Her QLOG is pink, her content comes with a post that segues into good tips, and you can sign up for more QLOG content if you wish.

There are plans to have A-list marketers do guest blog posts. I believe the QLOG will evolve into a good marketing resource. In the meantime, read along with Amy . . .
. . . Brian's last five girlfriends could all star in the next reality show -- America's Got Nuts (although to be honest, I am thinking Fear Factor would be a more apt title -- the fact that these girls walk the streets could terrify even the un-scare-able.)
She will have you laughing out loud and looking at pink in a whole new way!


Ted Murphy is Breaking New Boundaries

Sponsored Tweets is a new service for advertisers from IZEA, the social media marketing company. On July 20, the service, complete with 200 tweeters, will launch. Some of the participants will be celebrity tweeters, but most will be friends you know from PayPerPost (PPP) and IZEA.

MediaPost Publications Twitter Pimp: Cash for Tweets 07/13/2009

All available tweeters in the network may be viewed by keyword, blog category, number of followers and demographics. The tweet
will have a link that tracks the message and sales with analytics.

According to Ted Murphy, CEO at IZEA:
The cost per tweet (CPT) will run an advertiser between $2 and $30,000 per tweet for a 140-character message. . . An advertiser who wanted to test the system paid $2,500 last week.
Leave it up to the founder of PPP and IZEA to find a way to monetize Twitter. Way to go, Ted! Remember, this was the man that was supposed to be out of business within one year of founding PPP because NO ONE was going to accept this new business model.

Make Your Twitter Prettier for Free

Update your Twitter theme easily using free tools available online. There are many resource sites for free and custom Twitter backgrounds, themes and buttons. Here are a few that I found.

Complete Themes

My number one choice for ease of use is: Twitter Gallery - Pick a free twitter theme by category or color and then have it automatically installed on Twitter. Ten minutes, max.

Use a visual designer with more options: PrettyTweet - Use the on site WYSIWYG editor to design your free Twitter theme. Add, crop and adjust image, change border, link or text color. Post theme automatically to Twitter and have background image emailed to you. Twenty or more minutes.

Backgrounds Only

cheth Studios - Free background pictures (PSD format) from DeviantArt.

FreeTwitter Designer - Create free Twitter backgrounds using an on site tool.

SweetTweet - Cute, fun free backgrounds organized by categories.

TwitterImage - Free Twitter background pictures by category.

Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch

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