Six Keys to Mobile Advertising Success

From Media Post Mobile Media
. . . U.S. revenues stand at about $100 million for this year and will grow 250% next year, to finally crack $1 billion in 2010. Worldwide mobile ad sales will be $4.4 billion by then, with both Asian and European markets still ahead of the fast-growing U.S.

Datacomm Research has released a new study: Mobile Advertising: Opportunities & Illusions

Mobile phone-based customer relationships can be leveraged to increase sales, shorten the sales cycle, reduce customer churn, enhance customer satisfaction, facilitate peer-to-peer recommendations, and construct feedback loops that can be used to develop new products, improve existing products, and boost customer service.
Datacomm Research recommends mobile advertising that engages mobile users with contests, giveaways and special promotions. Marketers will have to offer manageable mobile marketing subscriptions to advertisers.

Marketers may want to test mobile advertising in just one phase of their marketing cycle: pre-sale advertising and promotions, sales or post-sale product tips and loyalty programs.

Using a static advertisement is not going to work with this market. This demand will give rise to mobile information services that deliver content to mobile users through a rich media mixture of of mobile phone, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth access.

MediaPost highlights successful uses of mobile advertising by USAToday (Sudoko game), Bravo (Project Runway) and eBay (the entire experience). Datacomm outlines the six keys to mobile advertising success. The report also contains a directory of 50 select mobile advertising vendors

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Happy Halloween

When they reached the end of the room he stopped, and muttered some words she could not understand. She opened her eyes, and saw the wall slowly fading away like a mist, and a great black cavern in front of her. A bitter cold wind swept round them, and she felt something pulling at her dress. "Quick, quick," cried the Ghost, "or it will be too late," and, in a moment, the wainscoting had closed behind them, and the Tapestry Chamber was empty. (The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde)

Blog Your Blessing Sunday

St. Francis of Assisi
Blessing of the Animals

Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures.
You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land.
You inspired St. Francis to call all of them his brothers and sisters.
We ask you to bless this pet.
By the power of your love, enable it to live according to your plan.
May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation.
Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures!


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Success Blog : The Great Blog Review

The Success Blog of the Week is The Great Blog Review (we read the blogs so you don't have to). The stated purpose of the blog:
What we are going to do is give you a list of blogs which we have deemed as must reads. There are now hundreds of thousands of blogs out there and many will not get read due to sheer volume. That is where we come in. We will use our experience and out expertise to point you in the right direction.
This is a new blog from two people who have been around the blogosphere for awhile, but have never had a blog of their own, until now.

The blog owner is the Chairman, who holds a Masters degree in geography and is a consultant who travels a great deal.

His partner in blog is the Coffee Woman, who has a degree in management and public relations and manages a coffee shop on the East coast.

Together they will review, select and publish the locations of the best blogs. Please visit The Great Blog Review and wish them well on this gargantuan task. Tell them CyberCelt sent you.

Hold My Gun While I Moisturize My Face?!?

From Gaming Insider:

Splinter Cell: Double Agent is the most recent release of one of the more successful franchises currently being developed by Ubisoft. The games are a perfect vehicle for in-game advertising, providing opportunities for in-game product placement and virtual outdoor ads. In-game advertising is acceptable and even expected as it is part of the ubiquitious landscape of our everyday life. However, the advertisements must fit into our perception of reality.

Does He Look Like He Uses Nivea?

In an ill-advised foray into in-game advertising, Nivea placed ads for skincare and grooming products for men on Splinter Cell, trying to reach the illusive 18- to 24-year-old market. Nivea learned that products that do not mesh with a game's theme is a bad way to break into in game advertising. Somehow, skin care does not fit into Tom Clancy's world of international anti-terrorism.

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Space Available : Success Blog

Say goodbye to Women Diary blog, the Success Blog for last week.

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Blog Your Blessings Sunday

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An Irish Blessing

May love and laughter light your days,

and warm your heart and home.

May good and faithful friends be yours,

wherever you may roam.

May peace and plenty bless your world

with joy that long endures.

May all life's passing seasons

bring the best to you and yours!

: : + : : + : : + : : + : : + : : + : : + : : + : : + : : + : : + : : + : : + : : + : :

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Success Blog :

The Success Blog of the Week is WomenDiary blog: Women Lifestyle, Fashion, Health, Beauty and Personality

WomenDiary blog features women's issues--from sex to pregnancy, celebrity gossip to gourmet recipes, fitness to mental health, dating to education, money to medicine. Women Diary provides online shopping guides on health, fashion and beauty products and timely information on women health issues.

Please visit WomenDiary blog.

Millions Stand Up Against Poverty

End Poverty by 2015
In an effort to eradicate world poverty by 2015, Young and Rubicam/New York teamed with the United Nations for a comprehensive effort to motivate global citizens to take mass action against poverty.


Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your right
Get Up, Stand Up, don't give up the fight
(Bob Marley)

Goals from the website:
  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • Achieve universal primary education
  • Promote gender equality and empower women
  • Reduce child mortality
  • Improve maternal health
  • Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Develop a global partnership for development
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Opening for Success Blog

Say goodbye to The Blue Panther Experience blog, the Success Blog for last week.

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Click & Comment Monday

Click and Comment Monday

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Blog Your Blessings

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Cherokee Prayer Blessing

May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your moccasins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,
and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.

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Very Funny Ads : Too Sexy for Me

If you have not visited this website on the Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., you must visit NOW. Click the banner and you will be taken to view Toy Boy, a Hyundai commercial you probably have not seen before. is a depository of TV commercials that are some of the funniest advertisements from around the world. Some are too sexy to be aired in the United States. Here is an index to all the ads on site. You may view my favorites here, here and here.

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Your Mother Plays Video Games!

The second quarter results of Game Metrix, a quarterly syndicated study from comScore Media Metrix, found that video games have much broader appeal than teenage boys. The gaming devices used were categorized into PC (CD/DVD), console and mobile.

The study found the average age of the gamer to be 41 years old, with 84 percent having broadband access at home and an average annual income of $55,000. Females account for 52 percent of all gamers.

Experience and Word-of-Mouth are Top Motivators in Game Purchase

More then 25 percent of those using each type of device stated that prior experience with the game led to purchase. Also, sequels to an original game led gamers to purchase the first game. The next most popular responses indicated the importance of word-of-mouth in influencing purchase behavior.

Advergaming and Level of Engagement

Heavy gamers were more likely to accept in-game advertising (advergaming); 37 percent agreed that games featuring actual products or companies in games feel more realistic, and 50 percent believe advergaming is inevitable and will be in all or most games in the future.

Light and medium gamers held different views. Only 27 percent of these gamers approve of advergaming, while 42 percent of light/medium gamers believe that advergaming is the future.

  • Heavy gamers played games at least 16 hours per week or played games on two or more devices for at least 11 hours per week.
  • Light/ medium gamers played video games for less than 11 hours per week.
  • One quarter of respondents qualified as heavy gamers, while the remaining 75 percent fell into the light/medium gamer segment.
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Chocolate Skyscraper Wins Guinness Record

chocolate skyscraperAdAge reports that Alain Roby, the pastry chef of the Hyatt Regency Chicago, won a place in the Guinness Book World Records when he successfully assembled a 20-foot, 8-inch tall skyscraper with a dark chocolate infrastructure and white chocolate windows.

Food Network launched the Guinness World Record Breakers Week for The Food Network Challenge.

The New York appearance was the fourth in a series of stops the network made across the country to promote The Food Network Challenge in conjunction with events such as the Taste of Chicago, the Indianapolis 500 and the Detroit Jazz Festival.

Record attempts for pizza tossing, popcorn sculpting and pancake making will be performed this week.

Challenge host Keegan Gerhard said there is one record that stands: How many sugar-glazed jelly donuts consumed in three minutes without licking lips. Where do I sign up!?!

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Space : The Final Ad Frontier?

space billboardA paper written by JH Huebert, an attorney based in Columbus, Ohio will be presented at the International Astronautical Conference. The paper, In Defense of Advertising in Space, argues that a congressional ban on space billboards is unjustified. It is counselor Huebert stance that space ads are guaranteed under the laws for private property and free speech.

According to Ad Age, the last time there was an uproar over an orbiting billboard was in 1993, when a plan surfaced to launch a mile-wide raft displaying the Olympic rings into low orbit in preparation for the 1996 Atlanta games. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America is against such tactics then and remains opposed today.

Notable Space Ad-Ventures

1993: Arnold Schwarzenegger buys an ad on the side of a rocket to promote "Last Action Hero."

1996: Pepsi pays Russia to float a can outside the Mir space station.

2000: Pizza Hut puts its logo on side of Proton rocket in Kazakhstan and delivers the first pizza to space.

2001: Lego promotes its "Life on Mars" set by sending it into space-along with 300 Lego aliens-on a Russian expedition.

2002: Pepsi considers giving away a ride on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and 'N Sync's Lance Bass looks for sponsors to pay his way. Both plans fizzle.

2006: A Russian astronaut is expected to whack a golf ball into orbit off the International Space Station as part of a promotion for Element 21, a golf-equipment manufacturer.

I think advertising should be allowed in space. Perhaps our space program would advance with an infusion of advertising dollars. There would be repair shuttles, billboard pilot boats and other such craft to change the letters on the signs (LOL). These advertising agency contractors could stop at the International Space Station and make a few repairs on their way back to Earth.

Perhaps they could help with the space debris problem, too. This effort would make great advertising taglines:
  • Picking up the universe for you.
  • Stashing your trash so future generations won't crash.
  • Recycling on a cosmic scale.
  • [your tagline here]

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Success Blog : Blue Panther Experience

The Success Blog this week is The Blue Panther Experience. This blog has been in existence for almost one year and is written by a man who lives in India. He has a unique perspective on life and we could all learn from him:
. . . "What can I do? I am but one man." . . . if we stop to look back and reflect, it will not take long before one realizes that it is the effort of one man that does make a difference. . . . If a Martin Luther King, Jr. or a Mahatma Gandhi or even Jesus Christ had thought that he is but one man, I dont know what shape the world would have been today. All it takes is one man's belief in himself and the people.
He ponders issues on which we all have opinions and yet offends none:
It should be accepted that we are not all born equal. Some of us are born rich, some poor, some black, some white, some geniuses, some autistic and these differences will remain till the end of time. Yes, its possible to get over them but for that we have to accept that not all men are born equal, but the right they have on this planet, on the air we breathe, on the food we eat and the right to live decently is equal for all.
I wish he lived in the USA so he could run for public office because his sense of justice is exquisite:
Transformation of a society is a complex process, and brought about by individuals that dare to swim against the flow. . . . it is absolutely essential that every society continuously breeds a set of people who constantly challenge the way things are done. Any society that does not provide for such individuals will surely and slowly disappear into the annals of history.
He tells these stories about two boys, 12 and 14 years old:
Life always tries to teach you something. Every moment is a moment to learn something. Something that can help you do better at your chosen line of work or something that can help you live your life better.this blog is about two kids . . .
He involves his readers in his writing:

2 women with childrenThis picture was taken when, one fine morning, I was stuck in traffic. I saw this and something about the scene struck me. I will tell you what, but before that I will let you see the picture for yourself and attempt a guess at what it was or maybe you can throw some light on the picture from an entirely different perspective.

Please visit The Blue Panther Experience by clicking that blog icon in the sidebar. Tell him CyberCelt sent you!

Click & Comment Monday

Click and Comment Monday

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Interview With Chris Anderson: What The Long Tail Means For Small Business

If you feel that the future of the Net belongs to big biz, Chris Anderson's book "The Long Tail" paints a compellingly positive future for small business. It lies in the infinite niches that form the long tail. As a huge fan of Mr. Anderson and prez of (Top 300 Alexa), it was an honor to interview him & push the long tail envelope.

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Internet Marketing Advice by Alice Seba

Alice Seba's Internet Marketing Blog offers Internet marketing advice based on her Ms. Seba's experiences with Internet marketing. Ms. Seba offers a newsletter and many free offerings, like affiliate and email marketing and traffic building. She has something special for SAHM's who want to make a living at home. Visit this blog and see if you can use some of the great tips and programs Alice recommends at
Alice Seba

Daily Show with Jon Stewart is the NEWS!

Do you watch The Daily Show with John Stewart? You may want to read this post. If not, you may also want to read this post. It appears that The Daily Show and network news stories carry about the same ammount of substance. So, if you like belly laughs with your news, watch The Daily Show. If you like hype, keep on watching network news.

It's No Joke: A Comparison of Substance in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Broadcast Network Television Coverage of the 2004 Presidential Election Campaign (J. R. Fox, Indiana University, October 2006) will be published by the Journal of Broadcast and Electronic Media.

According to Professor Fox:
. . . the popular fake news program is just as substantive as network coverage. . . in some cases--like John Edwards announcing his candidacy--the news is made on the show. . . You have real newsmakers coming on. . . notably, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. . . Republican Sen. Trent Lott, former President Bill Clinton, former Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart, former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie, former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan and former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey.
A second-by-second analysis of audio and visual content contained in The Daily Show found more humor than substance, but a similar analysis of the content of network newscasts found more hype than substance.

The study found that, during the 2004 presidential election, the average amount of substantive video and audio content in network news stories was not significantly higher than the average amounts of substantive visual and audio content in The Daily Show.
Our findings should allay at least some of the concerns about the growing reliance on this non-traditional source of political information, as it is just as substantive as the source that Americans have relied upon for decades.
Dr. Fox concludes that the public should worry about the content of both sources, because neither one is particularly substantive.

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eXlinks screenshots, we must be getting close!

We have aquired a couple of screenshots of the eXlinks interface, and we have also scored an interview with Paul, who is the Marketing Director of Kinetiq, the company that owns and operates the eXlinks social network. He answered any and all questions and we will have a follow story in a few days. Please check it out. It's gonna happen!

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Neuro-Marketing Made Easy

Well, we knew it was coming. Behavioral targeting and re-targeting, emotional marketing, subliminal advertising ... could direct connect to the brain by branding be far away?

Here are just a few of the recent articles that may be of interest to the savvy marketer.
  • Activity in Posterior Parietal Cortex Is Correlated with the Relative Subjective Desirability of Action
  • A Truffle in the Mouth Is Worth Two in the Bush: Odor Localization in the Human Brain
  • Cycling the Synapse: Scenic versus Direct Routes for Vesicles
  • Neural Correlates of Behavioral Preference for Culturally Familiar Drinks
  • Predictive Neural Coding of Reward Preference Involves Dissociable Responses in Human Ventral Midbrain and Ventral Striatum
  • Cortical Development deNUDEd
You may find the summaries of the research above at

The next newsworthy event probably be focus groups that remind us of the Matrix.

Or, perhaps the desensitivation of medical researchers of higher brain processes from Baylor Medical.

They will will need help before they try to discuss research with the young guns of the advertising world.

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Gentag Puts Big Brother to Shame

There are many valid concerns about the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and devices. Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Target, and the US Department of Defense has said that it will encourage all their vendors to use the RFID tags. This makes sense in an inventory-driven business.

What about your cell phone chip or credit card strip being read when you walk in Wal-Mart and have advertising displayed according to your interests and past buying history? This could save you time, right? It would also violate your privacy and open your entire personal and credit history to prying eyes. Do you trust Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Target, and the US Department of Defense to keep your information secure?

Another security concern is the cloning of RFID tags that are used allow access to secure sites and rooms. If the technology is cheap enough for inventory tracking, could it be duplicated to allow access to secure facilities? Do you really want a chip implanted in your hand by your employer? How do you know that is all the chip is tracking?

RFID technology is used in passports
RFID-laced passports may be just the start of an Orwellian airport experience, warn privacy advocates and authors Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre as the nation braces for a rollout of the controversial technology in passports this week.
Gentag, Inc. has patents on some application for new ways to use RFID technology. These uses, on the surface, look like things that could be extremely useful.
  • Nicknamed the Homeland Security cell phone, Gentag holds the patent for the concept of modifying a cell phone to serve as sensor for radiation, hazardous chemicals and explosives.
  • Gentag has a non-GPS geolocation technology that could be used by parents and emergency personnel to locate persons in a disaster.
  • Gentag smart skin-patch technology combines the RFID sensor tag with an adhesive skin patch for monitoring glucose, cardiac function, UV rays, and genetic biomarkers.
The Homeland Security call phone could be a great help to first responders to natural and man-made disasters. Coupled with the geolocation technology, it would enable emergency personnel to locate and rescue people that are incapacitated or trapped in a building, subway or debris stack. It would also enable them to protect themselves from asbestos, radiation, natural gas or biotoxins.

As a parent, I think the geolocation is a great tool for keeping a child safe and locating your teenager. If the child or teen is carrying a cell phone, you would have their location immediately if you felt something was amiss. However, would you want a cell phone with this capability if you were an battered spouse or sexually abused child?

The skin patch technology is scary for several reasons. Genetic biomarkers are present from birth. What if a child is tagged as having a certain gene or disease? What if you think you are being monitored for blood sugar levels or heart function, but are really being scanned for other conditions? Insurance companies could use this information, which would be part of the medical record, to exclude prior existing conditions, that you did not even know you had. In the world of HMOs, the information could be used to withhold treatment or to stop treatment that would be costly.

Am I overreacting? Perhaps. Take a look at SpyChips website. Then think of the Nazis in WWII and what they could have done with this technology. Then think of our present political climate and how our civil right to privacy has being chiseled away in the post-911 world. Do you think RFID technology abuse is a valid concern? Let me know your thoughts.

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NORML Tries Normal Advertising

NORML advertising from AdRants
The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) placed shelf talkers* in grocery stores directly adjacent to the very products seemingly associated with items that are useful if you imbibe. Does this qualify as a grass roots campaign? LOL

NORML advertising from AdRants* Shelf Talkers attach to retail shelving and draw the shopper's eyes to your product.

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Cool Blog : Pictures From My World

Please visit the Cool Blog of the Week: Pictures From My World

I love Bozette's pictures.

Her professional photographs of nature enable us to:
  • see the design of a butterfly wing,
  • understand the flower is a weed,
  • watch an unfolding blossom,
  • marvel at a glorious sunset . . .
Boz shares information as well as her photos. You never have to wonder "what was that?" on her blog.

Lately her photographs have been noticed by Ducks Unlimited and other wildlife groups. Some day, we can all say "I knew her when..."

Visit Pictures from My World and tell Boz that CyberCelt sent you.

Bloggers bare all for breast cancer research!

Boobie-Thon 2006click the banner to visit site

October 1, 2006 --Boobies. Although they come in all shapes and sizes (large, small, saggy and perky), they have one thing in common: The ability to develop cancer.

Even though there is no cure yet, the fifth annual Blogger Boobie-Thon is doing its part to make cancer a thing of the past.

From October 1-7, bloggers from across the globe can submit pictures of bare and covered breasts to raise money for breast cancer causes.

Founded in 2002 by Florida blogger Robyn Pollman, the Boobie-Thon has grown into a well-known event, raising over $26,000 for breast cancer and blogger-charity causes, with over 1500 people contributing pictures. The event raised $9240 between October 1-8, 2005, with $1355 going to a secondary charity: The American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Fund. The rest of the donations were donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Featured in Self Magazine’s Body Confidence Awards in 2004, both founders and participants are hoping to generate exposure and donations for a worthy cause. This year donors can choose to donate to either Children's Hospital Boston or the Komen Foundation.

Both male and female bloggers can submit pictures of their breasts. The covered boobies are featured on the free area of the site. The price of viewing the bare breasts is $50, made payable to Children's Hospital Boston or The Komen Foundation. A copy of an e-receipt is needed in order to gain the password to the Not Safe for Work portion of the site.

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