Tools of the Trade Show Have Evolved

How many times have staffed a table at a conference?  Usually, your allocated area contains a table and two or more folding chairs. So, you do what you can to personalize the space. You arrange your promotional items, product literature, container and entry forms for prize drawings.  Then you move your chairs around and try to decide where to place your trade show displays.

Trade show displays have changed a lot since the days of dragging heavy boxes in the night before the conference and needing two to three other people to help you set up.  Now, one person can setup these trade show displays. See how easy it is in the video below:

You may also have vinyl banners to bring attention to your booth. Hopefully, they do not have to be hung from the ceiling. Today, they have color print banners with banner stand and carrying bag. You may chose the stand to assemble like the display frame above or go with the more popular x-frame.

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To Link Shorten or Not to Link Shorten

From ineedhits blog  - read article -’s short URLs are always 301(permanent) redirect making it fast, secure and perfect for SEO. It also provides a great range of stats about the clicker.

TinyURL - While Tiny URL doesn’t provide click stats, it does allow you to customize your URL e.g change to - It offers a simple one click shortening service with a simple URL tracking feature. This means you can now track shortened URLs by just placing a ‘+’ after the URL.

Update from CyberCelt

Hello! I am down in Houston for treatment for various ailments that come with growing older. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. My laptop went kaput and I am currently without computer access. There are so many laptops that I am a bit overwhelmed trying to select one. If you have a suggestion based on experience, please leave a comment. As soon as I replace my laptop, I will be back to blogging. Namaste CyberCelt

Have your mortgage paid by an advertising company!!

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If you cancel after three months or they cancel the agreement with you, they will repaint your house back to the original colors. They pay your mortgage every month your house remains painted.

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How Marketers Succeed in a Social World

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How Marketers Succeed in a Social World
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Social Media, Smartphones and Malware

Malware (malicious software) is software designed to secretly access a computer system without permission. Malware includes viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, dishonest adware, scareware, crimeware and most rootkits.

Social media is often used to infect the computers of users with malware. Malware is also delivered to mobile devices. Symantec identified 286+ million varieties of malware, which was used to conduct over 3 billion attacks on computers. Web attacks increased 93 percent last year, when compared with 2009.

Facebook is a main target. Symantec pointed out problems with the security of Facebook, specifically an app that used Facebook APIs,that allowed hackers to see personal profile information. Privacy breaches resulting from malware hacks resulted in 260,000 online identities being compromised.

Shortened URLs also carry risk for malware sharing, since users click on them without knowing the website to which they will be directed. In a three month study, shortened URLs made up 65 percent of malicious URLs.

Smartphones, especially those using the Android operating system, are also at risk of malware. Risk of hacking will increase as more people use their Smartphones for online banking and making purchases on the Internet.

Source: Symantec Corp., Internet Security Threat Report, Vol. 16