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I just joined Blogsvertise today, so I will follow up when my blog is approved and I have more experience with the program.

Click & Comment Monday

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Try to click and comment on at least 5 new blogs each week if you have time. I guarantee you will find some cool blogs and you will increase your readership if you do this every Monday you are able.

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Leave a comment here so I know to visit your blog on C&C Mondays. To add your site to the official C&C Monday blogroll, please visit Cat, the wonderful blogger who thought up this great idea.

Tags: , , is a New Social Network is an online social network for meeting new friends, dating, flirting, gaming, making movies, and blogging. The Instant Messaging System is integral to the site and is the fastest way to communicate on Press Start Messenger in the upper menu for instant messaging.

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Visit - webcams, chat, personals and play the Play and Flirt or Hot or Not games. In all the various places on the website, like the forums and chat rooms, you may meet new people for dating, friendship, chat or whatever you wish. Users can meet new friends quickly by performing their own live video show. If you have a web cam, just start the Instant Messaging System and turn your web cam to public.

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Blog Your Blessings

one flower blessing
. . . . To bless means to wish, unconditionally, total, unrestricted good for others and events from the deepest wellspring in the innermost chamber of your heart: it means to hallow, to hold in reverence, to behold with utter awe that which is always a gift from the Creator. He who is hallowed by your blessing is set aside, consecrated, holy, whole. To bless is yet to invoke divine care upon, to think or speak gratefully for, to confer happiness upon - although we ourselves are never the bestower, but simply the joyfull witnesses of Life's abundance . . . .
Pierre Pradervand in The Gentle Art of Blessing: Living One's Spirituality in Everyday Life

The Blue Panther Experience is host for Blog Your Blessings.

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Do You Have Any Epics?

Gaming Insider » Blog Archive » Epic Gear posted April 27th, 2007 by Josh Lovison

Now, this is funny. As a novice online game player, I was not aware of the meaning of really good gear, called epics, in games like WarCraft. Evidently, the gear is not really useful, more like a status symbol.

Josh Lovison makes a good pitch for offline epics. His equation for using epics is simple: make them worthy, and difficult but fun to obtain.

Second Life : a material girl in a virtual world

GMI has released summary results of a GMIPoll on Second Life, See for the USA data.
The latest GMI Poll, found the virtual world of Second Life is a burgeoning market for real-life brands and product promotion. Fifty-six percent of users believe Second Life is a good promotional vehicle. Only 16 percent say they would not be more likely to buy or use a brand that is represented in the Internet-based virtual world.
Twenty-four percent of respondents claim they go to Second Life to escape real life, with which they are not satisfied.

Data shows that 64 percent present themselves differently online.
  • 45 percent give themselves a more attractive body
  • 37 percent make themselves younger
  • 23 percent give themselves a different nationality
The virtual world is interfering with the real world.
  • 55 percent watch less television since becoming active in Second Life
  • 22 percent have more Second Life friends than real-life friends
  • 29 percent feel Second Life interferes with their real-world social life
What's next? You do not have to wait to find out.

Mattel has unveiled Barbie Girls, a doll-shaped MP3 player that turns into a live character at, a website reminiscent of Second Life (Reuters). The company hopes the new toy, which brings together web surfing, shopping and music downloads, will provide an alternative to MGA Entertainment's sassy Bratz dolls!

Something useful and educational.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has opened a research station in Second Life. The island, launched by NOAA's Earth System Research Lab (ESRL) on Thursday, is called Meteora. It offers hurricane, submarine, and weather balloon rides, a tsunami-training beach, a planetarium, and other educational experiences.

Space Kits for the Future

Every day on television, children are bombarded with advertisements for food, toys, video games, videos, downloads, cell phones, theme parks, and many other accouterments of our consumer society. Now, I am not saying that the root of all evil is consumerism, but I think that we might serve our children better if we stimulate scientific inquiry and natural discovery, rather than their visual and auditory senses. "What? How am I going to do that?" you say. Easy, invest some money in the mind of your children. Purchase science kits that will open a world of wonder and the process of scientific inquiry to your children.

When my son was about eight years old, I underwent training as a water quality monitor. My son and I would go to the river once a month to test the water. My son would carry the water bucket for me and watch while I tested the water for dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity. As he grew older, he wanted to learn how to test the water, so I purchased a Water Safety Kit for him.

As Mac grew, his interest waned in water quality, but I noticed that he loved to take things apart to see how they worked. He took his grandfather's older computer apart to see how it worked. Hoping to stimulate his curiosity, I purchased a couple of kits that included solder and wires, similar to the Learn to Solder Kit. Then he graduated to robotics and integrated circuits. I will never forget him, surrounded by pieces of printed circuit boards.

Make a memory today., the sponsor of this post, has Science Project Kits, Chemistry Sets, Electronics and Electricity Kits, AmeriKit Electronic Educational Kits, Robot Kits, Environmental Science Project Kits, Anatomy Models, Astronomy and Crystal Growing.

Join the Do Follow Movement

Kai, better known as the Buzz Queen, tagged me for the Do Follow List. The Do Follow List is a group of bloggers who have decided to give link backs to comments on their blogs. They have either installed the do follow plugin or manually changed the HTML of their blog to allow this to happen. Most blogs are moderated to catch the spam, so it will do you no good to spam comments. A thoughtful comment, however, will earn you a link!

Here are the directions:

1. Write a short paragraph at the beginning of your post and link back to the blog that put you on the list in the paragraph. This isn't a suggestion; you need to break up the duplicate content. Someone took the time to add you so the least you can do is give them an extra link back.

2. Copy the list of originals below COMPLETELY and add it to your blog. If you would like a different keyword for your blog then change it when you do your post and it should pass to most blogs with that keyword.

3. Take the adds from the blog that added you and place all of them in the "Originals" list. Add at least 1 new blog that you KNOW is using the DO Follow plug-in to the list in the "MY ADDS" section (add no more than 5!). Let the people you've added know so that they can keep the list going.

My additions:
Raw Vegan Momma
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Open Road Biker
The Queer Chef

The originals:
SEM Challenge
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Advertising for Success
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Ryan's Calamity
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Are we there yet
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Skittles Place
A little piece of me

Use CRM to empower your sales team

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is not known for being especially user friendly or non-technical, but AIMpromote takes customer relationship management to a new level of integration. Choose to implement only those features of CRM that fit into your organization. AIMpromote does the work, and your sales team can focus on making sales instead of learning how to use and implement the CRM application.

Unlike typical customer relationship management applications, AIMpromote will have your entire sales and management team up and running in less than a week. AIMpromote is fully customizable, allowing managers to decide which features are necessary to for their team to use. Members of your sales team only learn what is needed to do their job. System administrators, who have full access, may change access levels for the sales team on the fly.

AIMpromote is a leading international provider of marketing integration and sales automation tools. The lead management, reporting, sales force automation,user management, support, campaign tracking, website analytics and lead tracking functions of the CRM work together.

Sign up today for a free, fully functional 14-day trial of AIMpromote, the sponsor of this post. Streamline your sales process, improve tracking and follow up with the sales force automation and sales management features of AIMpromote.

MySpace still the leader of social networks

LeeAnn Prescott - Hitwise US: Buzznet and IMEEM: Fast Growing Social Networks

MySpace dominates online social networks, with almost 81 percent market share. Visits to the top 20 social networking sites increased 11.5 percent from January 2007 to February 2007, and 87 percent from February 2006, according to a March press release from Hitwise.

Be Unique at Bids4Prizes and Win

Bid4Prizes has a totally new way to play, unlike any other auction site. I guess you could say it is a game site! Bid4Prizes has lots of great products, like computers, cell phones, games, cars and HDTVs.

All you have to do is register for a Bids4Prizes membership, pick your prize and enter your bid. You may use your cell phone to place your bid or you may enter your bid by clicking on the image of the prize on the bid4prizes site. You will receive a text message from Bids4Prizes that informs you if your bid is unique, low, high or duplicate.

Then, by following the game tips that that will be sent to you by Bid4Prizes, you modify your bid and wait for the auction to end. When it does, if you are the low unique bidder, you win! Even better, you do not have to pay for anything but shipping (and taxes, of course).

If you do not win the auction, you will still earn points for bidding that may be spent at the online Bids4Prizes store.

I am going to bid on the iPhone. I would give it to my step-son, who is a gadget lover, but is fiscally challenged since he has had to start paying his bills! LOL

Need a Job? Get Your Brand On ... - Social Networking for Jobs

Millions of employers and job seekers are using business-specific social networks. LinkedIn, the best-known career social network, has grown from 85,000 members in its first year to 8+ million members. Many large employers use social networking sites to recruit prospects that may not be actively job hunting.

So, if you are looking for employment, or even if you are not, get your brand out there for others to see. View my LinkedIn profile here.

Is Vonage in Your Future?

Looking for information about VoIP, which uses your computer and your Internet connection to allow you to place voice telephone calls? The Vonage website and forums provide news, reviews and discussion of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service.

Please note that the forums are exclusively owned and operated by 4Sight Media LLC, sponsor of this post, and is no way endorsed, sponsored, provided, owned or otherwise controlled by Vonage.

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Rag on Mags

Advertising Age - MediaWorks - Mags March Calmly Into Face of Chaos

. . . the last 18 months have seen axes fall on magazines both niche and broad, including Life, Child, Premiere, Elle Girl, FHM, Shop Etc., Teen People, Cargo, Official PlayStation Magazine, Weekend, Celebrity Living, Shape en Espanol and Shock.

Media Technology Futures » Blog Archive » So Many Conferences & Calls, So Little Time

What I find most interesting about the lack of connectivity between online and magazines is that little to no progress has been made about using digital extensions that could really elevate the user experience and brand loyalty.

I grew up reading Life and Time magazines. I put my magazines aside to read when we travel and then I take them to the VA Hospital, which never has any good reads.

I do have digital magazine subscriptions, but there is something about the feel of a magazine, the recipes, coupons and samples, that cannot be duplicated online. I hope the publishers "get it" before they disappear into history. What magazines do you read? Online or off?

AskPatty Gets a Second Life Moves to Second Life

Buying a car can be traumatizing for women. Whether you are a first-time car buyer or a seasoned buyer who still cringes when having to deal with an automotive salesperson, you need to visit On the website, you can search and find An AskPatty certified dealer, a dealership whose management has shown an interest in, and values, the woman who wants to make her own decision about buying a car.

Ask Patty is a comprehensive automotive website for women. While shopping for a vehicle, you can ask questions through the interactive section on Ask Patty’s Second Life Page and receive answers to your questions from the Ask Patty automotive expert panel of women. Find the trade-in value of your car, research safety issues and read automotive news. There is also an AskPatty blog where you may share your experiences with other women.

Teleport to Ask Patty in Second life on Pontiac's Motorati Island. There is a lounge area with music and virtual refreshments. If hanging out with Patty and chatting over virtual treats is not your bag, check out the $50,000 automotive shopping spree, learn about E85 alternative fuel, or get a t-shirt or pin.

Privacy Leaks : Piracy Sucks

The Security Post | April 2007
Corporations are being forced by law to ensure their customers' personal information is protected, but what are customers - home computer users, like you, doing to protect their personal information? No one can better protect your personal information than you.
Read the entire post and then check your computer for virus protection, firewall, spyware, adware and trojan checkers!

100+ million Americans have had their privacy exposed due to security breaches since February 2005 (Privacy Rights Clearing House).

I use Zone Alarm firewall, Ad-Aware SE personal and Spybot Search and Destroy. What do you use to protect your privacy on the Internet?

Forex and Global Futures

I have savings for retirement scattered amongst many different plans. I have IRAs for the years that I have been self-employed; annuities, State and Teachers Retirement System pensions for the years I worked for the State of Texas and the State University system. While I have tried to save as much as I was able, the market has not been good to my retirement plans.

I have been conservative in my investment strategies and it is not paying off. The closer I get to retirement age, the more I see that I will be living in poverty or working part time until I die. Lately, I have been looking at FOREX (FOReign EXchange), an international exchange market where currencies are bought and sold. Forex as a way to earn a real profit on investments.

Global Futures Exchange & Trading Co., Inc., sponsor of this post, will open an account with as little as $250. Forex is a high-risk investment, but some savings should be in high-growth, high-risk investments. Global Futures Exchange & Trading Co., Inc. offers a comprehensive range of products and services supported by superior customer service.

FOREX trading and global futures are extremely risky investments and should only be used as a supplement to other, more conservative, investments. If you have spare capital and training you may be successful. To that end, Global Futures Exchange & Trading Co., Inc. has free simulated trading accounts.

Have You Signed the Petition?

Sign the petition to stop violence against womenTo date, more than 20,000 people have added their voices to our effort to help Stop Violence Against Women. Your voices are powerful. But we need 30,000 more.

Why 50,000? We need 50,000 signatures to get the attention of Congress and deliver the message -- loud and clear -- that Americans are concerned about violence against women. Taking steps to prevent and respond to this violence, no matter where in the world it happens, must be a priority.

We know you care about this issue – violence against women is just too important to remain silent or complacent. Let's reach this ambitious goal of 50,000 signatures together.

If you've already signed the petition, don't stop there! You can continue to help by sending the petition to your friends and asking them to sign as well.

Sign the Petition
Stop sexual violence against women

Spread the Word
Send the petition to 5 friends now!

Counting Cookies is so 20th Century...

Cookie-Based Counting Overstates Size of Web Site Audiences
Frequent Cookie Deletion by 3 out of 10 U.S. Internet Users Leads to Overstatements in Audience Sizes by a Factor as High as 2.5
comScore released a study that analyzed the validity of using cookie-based data to measure unique visitors; moreover, to estimate the number of unique views of an advertisement. The results? Server logs that count unique cookies to measure unique visitors may be off as high as 2.5, for an overstatement of 150 percent.

I set my browser to clear cache, cookies and temporary Internet files each time I close the browser. Do you clear your cookies? Why or why not?

SecureZIP Your Files for Total Security

There is a new product available for zipping (compressing) your files. SecureZIP-The next generation of ZIP-is a quick and easy-to-use application that secures, encrypts and zips your files so that you may email, FTP or store them with confidence that your data is secure.

If you are ready to get your own copy of SecureZIP, just visit, fill in your email address on the form on the website, click the link in the confirmation email and download SecureZIP. This limited time offer is for an individual user license, not a trial copy that expires. FREE!

SecureZIP downloaded in less than two minutes and installed in less than two minutes. After installation, I was asked to register the software so that I may be kept informed of updates. A total of maybe five minutes and I am ready to ZIP up my tax returns, budget spreadsheets and personal correspondence.

After you install SecureZiP, visit, sponsor of this post, and read the online users guide. Find out how to get a digital certificate and how to use SecureZIP with certificates for secure desktop storage and for encrypting and signing email. There is information on site about using SecureZIP with antivirus software, group file sharing and even other zip programs. Easy and free!

Blog Your Blessings: Each Day is Earth Day

bluebonnet field with cowsClick Picture of Bluebonnets to See Full Size

curly divider line
Earth Teach Me to Remember

by John Yellow Lark

Earth teach me stillness

as the grasses are stilled with light.

Earth teach me suffering

as old stones suffer with memory.

Earth teach me humility

as blossoms are humble with beginning.

Earth Teach me caring

as the mother who secures her young.

Earth teach me courage

as the tree which stands alone.

Earth teach me limitation

as the ant which crawls on the ground.

Earth teach me freedom

as the eagle which soars in the sky.

Earth teach me resignation

as the leaves which die in the fall.

Earth teach me regeneration

as the seed which rises in the spring.

Earth teach me to forget myself

as melted snow forgets its life.

Earth teach me to remember kindness

as dry fields weep in the rain.

curly divider line

The Blue Panther Experience is host for Blog Your Blessings. Click this link, grab the blogroll code, add the code to your blog, leave a comment on Blue Panther Experience and post your blessing. Quick and easy.

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Advertising for Your Dog!

Now any dog can be Dog of the Year.

Visit PETA today and get your personalized cover.

Mind Mapping? Just Try It!

The term, mindmapping, has an ominous ring to it. Rather than being something of which you should be afraid, mindmapping describes the 3d Project Management Software solution from Topicscape.

In this project management review, I will just highlight some of the features. Whether you are trying to organize the structure of a technical manual, develop a platform and five-pronged strategy for a political campaign, manage the distribution of materiels and fuel in Iraq or plan and schedule the next three phases of your construction project, 3d Topicscape Management Software, sponsor of this post, is the tool to use.

Not only is the user interface intuitive for individuals who use keyboard shortcuts, but also for those who use the mouse and scroll bar to navigate the screen. There are drop-down menus and right-click menus, allowing you to start a new project, name the project and add subordinate categories as easy as 1-2-3.

The types of projects that may be mapped are limitless. Use mindmapping to preserve every reference in a government publication, track every change in a Ph.D. proposal, diagram a manufacturing process or visualize a nanosurgerical procedure. This is an incredible tool for project management . Download a demo today and try it.

Fave, Connect, Link, Chat, Rate or Comment

According to Jill Meyers of In-Stat:

In order for a social networking site to be successful, it must attain a critical mass, and competition is fierce to attract new members . . . So far, sites have focused their attention on a younger demographic, which is finite, fickle and limited in expendable income
In-Stat's Social Networking: Finding Friends Online report raises an important question: How can social networks best monetize their memberships? eMarketer estimates that 2007 ad spending on MySpace will outstrip spending on all other social networks combined.

One possibility is selling user data:

Each social networking site collects a plethora of personal and demographic data on each member . . . and while selling these data to target marketing groups may be unappealing to site members, it may be the best route to profitability for site operators.

Even Microsoft is offering advice on how to increase social networking ad revenue. The Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions Group commissioned a Metrix Lab study of how social networkers use the sites. The study concluded that creating brand profiles (spaces) that can be forwarded to friends is effective, with a quarter of social networkers posting views on specific ads and a third forwarding spaces, ads or links.

Sounds like Microsoft. Yeah, get a profile, add your picture or avatar. Let us paste our ads all over your profile and then you can send it to your friends. They are so 20th century!

One Easy Checklist for Designers and Marketers

Have you ever wanted a simple checklist for the design, usability and technical aspects of developing and maintaining a website? Website To Dos, sponsor of this post, has a handy checklist for just this purpose!

The checklist is divided into sections of content, design, forms and server issues that never seem to be done right the first time. I like the web design to do section because it reminds us to ensure design standards are met, to test website accessibility and to validate our HTML, CSS, PHP and other code.

The form to do has a good section about validating all data from forms. Once I had designed a website form for registration and had forgotten to put in a check box for "send information about housing." While not a big omission, I would have spent many hours on the phone giving out information I could have mailed.

I use FrontPage for my webpages and I really need to change to something else. It was the first package I used after hand coding HTML, so I have stuck with it because it is easy. However, FP cuts down on access to some of the nice features mentioned in the web server to dos: set up a canonical name redirect, simplify nested redirects or send a 301 status code for canonical redirects.

If you would like to see the checklist, just visit Get it right the first time! LOL

Only One Thing? Carnival of Blogging Success

Carnival of Blogging Success

Home Biz Blogger is hosting a carnival called the Carnival of Blogging Success. Since you know I like the title, I just have to enter. Check out the Carnival of Blogging Success announcement or submit your article for the Carnival of Blogging Success.

Check Home Biz Blogger blog on Monday for entries. The theme or topic of the Carnival of Blogging Success is the one thing that you think is MOST important to do to be successful in blogging.
What do you think is the one thing you have to do to be successful in blogging?

Flip books are back!

A flip book is a series of drawings or pictures that change just a little, from one page to the next. When you "flip" the book, the series simulates action or motion. Used before cinema for entertainment, both adult and child. If you grew up before the age of computer animation, you will remember these flip books. They were found in the bottom of cereal and snack boxes when you were growing up. You may have made your own.

Flip books have recently emerged as an advertising tool. Check out the website of Flippies Custom Flip Books, sponsor of this post, and you will see that flip books have become much more sophisticated. These flip books tell a story; flip the book over and the story is reversed. Flip books are an engaging, interactive advertisement that will not break your advertising budget.

Behavioral Targeting : Changes in Attitudes

MediaPost Publications - The Three Ws - 04/18/2007

As standalone entities, each of the key emerging targeting methodologies, demographic (which tells you WHO consumers are), behavioral (which tells you WHAT they like) and contextual (which tells you WHERE they are) each have signal strengths and weaknesses.
This is a great article in which Phil Leggiere, (Behaviorial Insider, Wednesday, Apr 18, 2007) asks questions of Tim Vanderhook, CEO of Specific Media, about behavioral targeting.
In the new paradigm there are still three steps, but they're very different. Now it goes more like this. You (the advertiser) tell us what customers you're trying to reach. Then we identify them -- and finally, we report on the content.

Open Source Software Wins Awards

WinSCP is a free Secure File Transfer Protcol (SFTP), FTP (File Transfer Protcol) and SCP (Secure Copy) client for Windows. Secure FTP is a program that uses Security Shell (SSH) to transfer files or to tunnel indirect connections through proxy servers. Unlike standard FTP, it encrypts both commands and data.

You can not use a standard FTP client client to talk to an SFTP server, nor connect to a FTP server with a SFTP client. This is where WinSCP becomes extremely useful. When you transfer files via WinSCP from your machine to another, such as from work to home or to another office, the security of these files is protected. WinSCP offers a simple user interface that offers basic file management. You may also back up your files by using scripting and automation feature with Windows task scheduler.

Blogging in Your Native Language

April 11, 2007
Blogger Buzz
Today we've unveiled Blogger translated into: Nederlands, Türkçe, Dansk, Norsk, Svenska, suomi, Русский, and ภาษาไทย. This is in addition to the eleven language choices we already offer, bringing the total to 19!
It is funny how we take announcements like the one above, as cool, but routine. Think back 20 years to 1987 and remember the Internet. It was mostly the purview of educational institutions and governmental agencies in the USA.

Today, the world of blogging has opened to include blogging in 19 languages and is a worldwide phenomenon. Its a small world after all ... finally.

We Follow Do Follow Tags Here

Below is a list of bloggers who have taken the "no follow" off the comment sections on their blogs or have installed a "do follow" plugin. This means that when your comment is accepted, you will receive the link back to your site.

Comments on many sites, including Advertising for Success, are moderated, which means they must be approved by blog owner first. This is done to avoid spam comments.

Thank you and Thank Tricia: If you would like to join the Do Follow Blogroll, please post the blogroll on your blog and visit here and leave a comment for Tricia at Tricia's Musings.

Security in a Box : Lasershield Systems

While my son was living in an apartment this spring, he lost some items to burglary. He is now living at home again, but will be moving out in August to attend college. He has chosen to stay in an apartment at a university owned apartment complex rather than a dorm.

I thought I might purchase a small alarm system as his high school graduation gift. I am so sensible. He comes into a little money in August and he is buying a very expensive Alien laptop, which is just the right size for walking out the door! While looking at portable systems, I ran across Lasershield Systems. You just plug the unit into a telephone jack and electrical plug, set up the wireless unit in another part of the house, and follow the easy directions to activate the key chain controls. It is very high-tech, pet-friendly, and monitored 24/7.

If you are in the market for a security system, visit Lasershield Systems, the sponsor of this post, for information. From there, you will be redirected to a retail dealer in your area. The system is sold in local stores like local Comp USA, Home Depot, Costco, Kmart, Montgomery Ward and Sears. While you are on the website, look at the ticker that highlights burglaries foiled by Lasershield Systems.

Blog Your Blessings : You are the Light

You are the peace of all things calm

You are the place to hide from harm

You are the light that shines in dark

You are the heart's eternal spark

You are the door that's open wide

You are the guest who waits inside

You are the stranger at the door

You are the calling of the poor

You are my Lord and with me from ill

You are the light, the truth, the way

You are my Savior this very day.

Christian Celtic Prayer

: + :

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If You Do Not Know It Yet ...

Today is Friday the 13th. The superstitions about this day stem from 13 Friday 1307, when the King of France, Philip the Fair, had all Knights Templar arrested in France. They were tortured, made to confess and, almost to the man, killed. That what giving all for your King and country will do for you.

So, as you struggle with your taxes during the extension granted by the IRS, remember that things could be worse. We could be French and wear tights and chainmail. LOL

Blog Marketing 101

How do you market your blog? Lately, it seems there are as many ideas about what method to use as there are blogs. My method? A bit of hit and miss. LOL

The first thing I did was syndicate my blog feeds through Feedburner, so they were found and bookmarked. Then I submitted my feeds to blog directories and aggregating services. My feeds were found by BlogBurst, one of the first companies to try and monetize blogs through syndication. My travel blog starting appearing on the websites of the Austin American- Statesman and San Antonio Express News and wound up being featured on the Wall Street Journal, of all publications.

Meanwhile, I joined blog traffic exchanges to discover what other bloggers knew about blog marketing, where I learned of blogrolls and carnivals, which are wonderful opportunities to gain exposure and find like-minded folk. Next, I joined Gather, a social networking site, and learned the power of communities and social snobbery. Recently, I have joined The Blogging Chicks Feedburner Network and have adds appearing in my feeds and on the blogs.

Do not let this happen to you. is a Website promotion service features online promotion and Internet advertising services. Submit your blog to the free directories listed on the website or have ManhattanService build your links for you. From optimization to competitive analysis through search engine marketing, it looks like Manhattan Service, sponsor of this post, has DIY tools for you to use or you may hire the professional help you need.

It will be easier than Hit and Miss Marketing, LOL.

Liquid Apple

MediaPost Publications - Swimming in Liquid Media, Part I - 04/12/2007

Steve Smith writes a great blogpost on AppleTV and how mobile media can affect your TV viewing habits.

Young Men Read Direct Mail

A new Vertis Communications Retail Direct Mail survey found that 90 percent of male direct mail readers, ages 18-34, read the direct mail from grocery stores. This is in comparison to only 83 percent of female readers, ages 18-34. The study finds that men in older age groups are less likely to read grocery store direct mail, while older women read increasingly more.

According to Mr. Jim Litwin of Vertis Communications
...Marketers looking to bring men into grocery and value retailers should target direct mail to young bachelors living alone. Similarly, as women become older and gain control over household purchasing decisions, they become more responsive to retail direct mail targeted toward them.
Read more results of this study here (PDF).

Love Me, Love My Dog!

Very Funny Ads Mentos Dog Commerical screen shotVery Funny is a great website for advertising videos. They have videos from all over the world.

You have to see this video about Mentos. I usually do not get too excited about advertisements, but this one is so funny.

Click here to watch on Very Funny Ads website.

Warning: not all videos are family friendly.

Bloggerwave : Tsunami of Services

Did you know that Bloggerwave just opened and already thousands of bloggers have joined? Why?
  • Bloggers are paid to give their opinion after reviewing advertiser web sites, products or services;
  • Advertisers use the power of consumer generated content to promote and strengthen their brand and diversify their customer base; and
  • Advertising agencies look to Bloggerwave as another media channel to get the word out, get the buzz going, building word of mouth merit through a network of thousands of bloggers.
Does this sound good to you? Please visit Bloggerwave, sponsor of this post, and see what the buzz is about. It is free for bloggers to join and advertisers and agencies will find some of the most reasonable rates around.

What is so funny about suicide?

chocolate bunny tied to a brick on bridge is advertisement for Gelazzi
When and why did suicide become a method in advertising? Of course this is just a chocolate bunny and not a real bunny, but why this morbid fascination with suicide?

chocolate bunny missing butt and bunny missing ears trying to talk cartoonNow this is funny!
What is the reason for my problem with suicide in advertising? Please read this post, Child Suicide is Not Advertising Tool. I think you will agree with me.

Global to Local B2B Search Engine

Masterseek is the largest and most comprehensive business-to-business (B2B) search engine in the world. With websites in 20 languages and 75 countries, Masterseek indexes profiles, contacts, information, products and services for about 44+ million companies. Masterseek is the name to know in global B2B search.

Find more than search engine results on masterseek. Locate business partners, develop sales leads and research new ventures that will help you to expand your business to the global market. Take a minute, visit the Masterseek website, sponsor of this post, and bookmark this worldwide business search engine. While you are there, you really should complete your company profile. Expose your products and services to the world!

By using Masterseek, sponsor of this post, you will establish contact with buyers and suppliers worldwide. With the power of technology and the Internet, you will find detailed information regarding global, national, regional or local markets and players. Macro to micro, worldwide to local search, Masterweek is poised to dominate this particular niche market.

Wouldn't You Know It? No Technorati in Top 10

According to this blog post, Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites March 2007 | eBizMBA, Technorati does not even rate!
Here are the top 10 largest social bookmarking sites ranked by a combination of Compete and Quantcast data. For each site, we show unique U.S. monthly visitor data as well as respective rank. For entries where a wide range exists between the two data sets the highest numbers were used for ranking purposes. Although no traffic metrics are completely accurate we do believe the data below to be useful for gauging relative audience size.
Well, I guess I backed the wrong social bookmarking site. I use Technorati! I have never heard of some of these sites. Slashdot? Blinklist? Shoutwire?

Maybe you should read my blog and then do exactly the opposite to succeed! Maybe I should change the name of my blog to Advertising for Exercise or Advertising for Tax Write-offs? What do you think?

Online Home Appraisal Service

I was driving down my street yesterday and I noticed that there was a house for sale. I stopped to get a realty information sheet on the home as it is very close to the size and layout of my home. I could not believe it! The home is listing for $114,500. It is a starter home and has been a rental property since I moved here. It has no landscaping and has not been updated that I know of.

My home, on the other hand, has a new 50-year roof, Hardi-Plank siding, new rain gutters, new air conditioning unit, a new RV carport and huge shed. I also have landscaping, a fenced yard and an extra 200 square feet of living space. While I had not considered selling my home, I am seriously thinking about it now!

It is incredible how house values have skyrocketed. I paid less than $50,000 for this home in 1989. Now it must be worth over $120,000! It seems a little unreal to me, so I found this online house appraisal service and I am going to get a true value.

Perhaps it is time to move? Check the value of your home with, sponsor of this post.

Contest on at CoolAdzine for Marketers

Read about CoolAdzine for Marketers Contest

Remember that one lucky blog visitor to CoolAdzine for Marketers will win $50 by PayPal at the end of April.

For every comment on CoolAdzine for Marketers, you receive one entry.

If you fave CoolAdzine for Marketers at Technorati or add CoolAdzine for Marketers to your Bloglines account, you earn either one or two more entries.

I must say Mr. Fab is going for it, so y'all need to catch up! LOL

Why Not Use Coupons?

I love browsing coupon sites like They have a tag cloud and you may just pick a tag that describes for what you are searching. I just clicked on Dell Outlet and up popped a page that had nothing but Dell coupons: 20% off a digital camera and 10% off $100 purchase.

You may also find free coupon codes from, and There are currently 12K+ coupon codes on this website, ten time the amount of any other coupon site. In fact, is not just a coupon site, it is a growing, friendly community. There is absolutely no cost to join and you will realize big savings, all the time.

LoudLaunch - Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis. View the LoudLaunch campaign release this post was based on.

Consumer Generated Video Advertising

Creative? Have a hankering for that $17K+ Red One video camera? XLNT ads may be the way to pay for it. hopes to become THE platform for consumer-generated advertising and to facilitate interaction among brands and creative consumer-generated video ad producers and distributors.

New Consumer-Generated Advertising Platform Goes Live: Brightcove Selected as Internet Video Partner

Participating brands will benefit from the simplicity and cost-efficiency of the platform and from the cumulative site traffic generated by all brands. Participating ad creators will be able to interact with and expose their work to multiple leading American brands and their agencies at one web address
Look out, YouTube, the game is afoot.

Social networking for techno gods and goddesses

Sci-Edge is a new social networking site for individuals interested in science, technology, gadgets and science fiction. Consider this the MySpace for tech and sci-fi aficionados. Anything you may do on social networking sites, you may also do on Sci-Edge. You may start a forum, build a webpage, invite your friends, write posts, stream video and post photographs. Membership is free and the sign up process is quick and easy. Just submit your email address, verify and you are in Sci-Edge.

A unique facet to Sci-Edge is that you may earn money for adding original and creative text and video content, the type of high-quality content that will attract interested visitors who may become members. Sci-Edge is willing to pay for content that facilitates search engine indexing, which increases page rank, resulting in more traffic, new visitors and new members.

Blog postings must written in English, be a minimum of 250 words and contain at least five deep links to individual product pages on one of the Sci-Edge science education websites. If you do not know what to write or review, email Sci-Edge for help.

So, quit hiding your genius from the world. Become the techno god or goddess you know you are Join Sci-Edge, the sponsor of this post, today! Stop by and join the techno gods and goddesses blogroll on CyberCelt's page at Sci-Edge. You know you want to...

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks : Easter Carnival

Carnival of Blogging Chicks
The Carnival of the Blogging Chicks is up at the metablog for Blogging Chicks. The theme is Easter/Passover. Stop by and visit the blogs with posts that interest you. If you would like to join The Blogging Chicks; first, you have to be a chick/woman/female and complete this short form.

Recapture Your Leads with RegOnline

Whenever I have registered online, there always appears to be one field missing in the online registration form. It might be a check box to receive the discount for signing up early; a drop down menu to indicate I am a sponsor, speaker or vendor; or a field in which I may enter purchase order information or billing instructions.

RegOnline, sponsor of this post, has developed an online registration system that detects incomplete reservations and automatically sends an email to the person who has left the registration process. You may personalize this email with a discount for completing registration online, a 1-800 help desk number, a link to a chat interface with a live assistant, or even an incentive for completing a survey about the company.

Every marketer could use help in online event organization. Whether the event is scheduled for the virtual or the physical world, too many interested people do not complete the online registration process. This recapture tool might be the answer. What do you think?