Blogsvertise : Make Money Blogging

Blogsvertise is an advertising service which uses consumer generated content to advertise products, services, websites and brands. It is free to register and add your blog to the system for approval. Once approved, you receive writing tasks for different advertisers. You do not have to endorse a product to blog about it, just mention the product, service, website or brand, and include 3 links to the advertiser in your post.

You may earn from $5-15 range for most posts. You earn more based on the popularity, page rank and traffic of the blog as measured by independent third parties. After you have completed 5 tasks, you may contact Blogsvertise for an increase in your pay rate based upon the quality of your work.

I just joined Blogsvertise today, so I will follow up when my blog is approved and I have more experience with the program.