Social networking for techno gods and goddesses

Sci-Edge is a new social networking site for individuals interested in science, technology, gadgets and science fiction. Consider this the MySpace for tech and sci-fi aficionados. Anything you may do on social networking sites, you may also do on Sci-Edge. You may start a forum, build a webpage, invite your friends, write posts, stream video and post photographs. Membership is free and the sign up process is quick and easy. Just submit your email address, verify and you are in Sci-Edge.

A unique facet to Sci-Edge is that you may earn money for adding original and creative text and video content, the type of high-quality content that will attract interested visitors who may become members. Sci-Edge is willing to pay for content that facilitates search engine indexing, which increases page rank, resulting in more traffic, new visitors and new members.

Blog postings must written in English, be a minimum of 250 words and contain at least five deep links to individual product pages on one of the Sci-Edge science education websites. If you do not know what to write or review, email Sci-Edge for help.

So, quit hiding your genius from the world. Become the techno god or goddess you know you are Join Sci-Edge, the sponsor of this post, today! Stop by and join the techno gods and goddesses blogroll on CyberCelt's page at Sci-Edge. You know you want to...