Which is Your Watch?

Do you use a watch or your cell phone to get the time? I use a watch; my husband uses his cell phone. I happen to like watches. A watch was the first gadget I disassembled as a child. I think I was six; I did not get another watch until I was a teenager.

Usually, I buy a watch in the jewelry department of a discount store. The watches last about three months before the battery dies. If I want a laugh, I take that watch back to the discount store and ask for the replacement battery. The salesperson looks at me, dumbfounded, "you want to replace the battery in your $10 watch?" I quit doing this, as it is cruel.

So my stopped watches lie abandoned. As an eco-minded consumer, a drawer full of broken watches bothers me. I have heard that there are ladies watches that do not require batteries. So, I decided to do some research and see if I could find the watch for the rest of my life.

I found bluedial.com and spent an hour looking at watches and reading about different drives: quartz, atomic, automatic, hand-winding, kinetic, solar and eco-drive. Then I saw the skeleton display and I was six years old again. These watches show the movements on the face and back of case.

This will be the first watch in my life that I picked out because I wanted it and not because it was under $20. Now, I just have to convince my husband that this is an ideal gift for me this Christmas.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a special someone this holiday, take a look at bluedial.com. They have 1000s of watches, many payment options, manufacturer warranty and free two-day shipping.

Have a Happy Halloween

Men say that in this midnight hour,
The disembodied have power
To wander as it liketh them,
By wizard oak and fairy stream.
William Motherwell

Free 101 Marketing Quotes eBook

Maggie Georgieva, Inbound Marketing Manager for HubSpot has made available 
101 Marketing Quotes (PDF) for a free download.

These 101 quotes have been collected from interviews, articles, best-selling books and conferences. Enjoy them and share them with co-workers and friends in need of some inspiration. 

In this eBook you will find wisdom from:

* Chris Brogan
* Seth Godin
* Ann Handley
* Steve Garfield


This quote really resonated with me: 

Before you create any more “great content,” figure out how you are going to market it first." Joe Pulizzi and New Barrett, authors of  Get Content Get Customers

 Download it and put it with the rest of your PDFs.  One day soon, when you need some inspiration, use it.

Changes to Google Analytics

SEO Reports in Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reports in Google Analytics are now available.  The reports are based on data from search queries that we found in Webmaster Tools.These reports are available in the Traffic Sources section of Google Analytics:
  • Queries: impressions, clicks, position, and CTR info for the top 1,000 daily queries
  • Landing Pages: impressions, clicks, position, and CTR info for the top 1,000 daily landing pages
  • Geographical Summary: impressions, clicks, and CTR by country
See post on Search Engine Land or Google Webmaster Central blog.

Google Analytics Premium 

Google has also released a for-fee Google Analytics Premium for large clients.  Below is a summary of what the premium version offers:
  • Extra processing power - increased data collection, more custom variables and downloadable, unsampled reports
  • Advanced analysis - attribution modeling tools that allow you to test different models for assigning credit to conversions
  • Service and support - experts to guide customized installation, and dedicated account management on call - all backed by 24/7 support
  • Guarantees - service level agreements for data collection, processing and reporting

Google Webmaster Tools

To enable these SEO reports for your blog or website, you must be a verified Webmaster Tools site owner and a Google Analytics administrator for your site. Once enabled, administrators can choose which profiles can see these reports.

While having the information on search queries in Google Analytics is important, you will still need to use the Webmaster Tools for information on inbound links, subscriber stats, and Googlebot crawler reports.

For more information, please see Webmaster Tools on your dashboard.

Blog Blast for Peace 2011

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. - Mother Teresa (1910-1997), Yugoslav humanitarian and 1979Nobel Peace Laureate
 What started with one blogger and one blog in 2006 has traveled from blog to blog across the globe until it has reached 50 countries. BlogBlast for Peace is an annual blog event and is expanding each year. Join us this year.  All the information you need in one place:

Peace Globe from Prior Year

Please visit with peacebloggers on FaceBook, Twitter, Mimi Writes and many of sites around the world.

On 11/4, I will have a different peace globe on each of my blogs. Please visit.