eLearning and Staff Development

Learn.com is the only on-demand Talent Management Platform presented online in the world. Elearning is a great way to improve your skills or the skills of your staff.

Train your staff in basics, like OSHA regulations, sexual harassment and violence in the workplace. Offer Defensive Driving as a perk to your employees.

Learn.com Program Offers

LearnCenter platform manages creating and delivering high quality training and staff development.

FormFlow application builder module for the LearnCenter platform enables the creation of forms to be used in training and integrated into the workplace.

PeopleCenter platform automates manual processes, thus allowing them to be taught and used online.

WebRoom Web Conferencing Suite is a virtual space where teams can come together to meet, to collaborate, to learn or to teach.

Authoring Tools
help you to easily create Flash-based interactive courses that include quizzes, tests, games and simulations--with the content at your fingertips.

Content Library contains training for all types of projects, certifications and staff development.

I would love to have the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification. There is a lot of work available on a contract basis if you have this knowledge.

The following courses are part of the Professional Advantage Library content and should be used in training new staff: Conflict Resolution, Effective Feedback, Effective Negotiation, Interpersonal Behavior, Sexual Harassment, Time Management in the Workplace and Violence in the Workplace.

So, no more outsourcing your training. It may be handled online and in-house and courses may be modified or developed as needed.