Pink Marketing QLOG

I found something new on the Internet today. Visit, whic claims to be a QLOG. That is right--QLOG. I have never heard of the term before today, but I now I know.

QLOG is pronounced "clog,"--as in the thing that stops your sink from draining, the shoes my sisters still wear or a dance that originated in Appalachia.

Evidently, QLOG also means website that is 99% Queries and Quintessentials & 1% Quibblings.

The QLOG,, is a new online marketing website, where you may read articles or post your questions about PPC, conversion, ROI, analytics, email marketing or search engine marketing.

Amy Africa will answer your questions in a style that is all her own. Her QLOG is pink, her content comes with a post that segues into good tips, and you can sign up for more QLOG content if you wish.

There are plans to have A-list marketers do guest blog posts. I believe the QLOG will evolve into a good marketing resource. In the meantime, read along with Amy . . .
. . . Brian's last five girlfriends could all star in the next reality show -- America's Got Nuts (although to be honest, I am thinking Fear Factor would be a more apt title -- the fact that these girls walk the streets could terrify even the un-scare-able.)
She will have you laughing out loud and looking at pink in a whole new way!