Bees in my Helmet and Bugs in my Teeth

My first motorcycle was a 350 cc two-stroke Yamaha. It sounded like an angry hornet and was extremely top heavy, but I loved it. I wore a helmet, but did not really see the need for the face shield or goggles because I wore glasses. Then, in one day, I was hit in the mouth and eye by bugs and a bee got stuck in my helmet. The aftermath of this encounter was not pretty. I had 2 bee bites, a swollen eye and lip, and a major case of road rash. Oh, yeah, my bike did not look good, either.

Now I always wear motorcycle sunglasses or goggles, like they have at ADS Sports Eyewear, sponsor of this post. I also wear a helmet with a face shield. No more bees in my helmet and bugs in my teeth.