Vaginads : The Sweet Smell of Success

These are actual advertisements that you will see as print ads in all of the less discriminating men's magazines.

The one on the right is for VULVA scent and you may order the "cologne" on their website. You will have to Google it, I am not linking.

On the left, we have an advertisement for Tom Ford for Men cologne. You may read the complete story about it on Adrants » Tom Ford and Vulva Create New Trend: Vaginads

I remember when I was in college anthropology (1980s) and one assignment was to find and bring back examples of blatant sexuality being used to sell products in print advertising. Back then, we had to look for fingers, lilies and shadows that were intimating something else. Once you saw one ad with an inappropriately placed flower or piece of fruit, it was easy to see the rampant sexual overtones in ads for automobiles, shave cream, credit cards, you name it!

I can only hope these ads are for shock value and do not herald the beginning of advertising with women's vaginas. I can see it now. Talking vaginas, singing vaginas, life-sized vaginas, vagina hand puppets... There will be no end to it!