Low Bounce Rates and High Page Views

I am experimenting with a new blog traffic exchange similar to Spottt. It is called 125 Exchange. One unique feature of 125 Exchange is that you are able to upload three different 125x125 pixel ads. This means you can split test ads. Of course with six blogs, two websites and a top list, I do not think I have time for split testing, but I do like choice! LOL

Here is the concept behind 125 Exchange, from their website:
The goal here is to pinpoint blog readers that are likely to subscribe to your blog. 125 Exchange has somewhat perfected the art of delivering visitors that have low Bounce Rates and High Page View counts. If you are looking for conversion and to increase your repeat traffic, spend a little time here to understand this unique program.
So, you should receive visitors that are interested in your blog, not just card droppers.

With Spottt, Entrecard and 125 Exchange, Advertising for Success should be receiving traffic, visitors and subscribers. I will let you know how it works out.

Note: You may notice that I have not added Project Wonderful ads.
  • They are not free.
  • You must have a PayPal account.
  • The bidding process is complicated.
  • No control over content of the ads.
I really did not want my blog overrun with small ads of busty women. . . Now, I know that sex sells and this may be a successful tactic for some blogs; if this is the case with your site, Project Wonderful may be the answer to all your advertising needs.