Blog Your Blessing : : Christmas in August

A God becomes Child to save the children,
Shepherds chant with the tongue of Angels,
Salvation is described in a Mystery,
Heaven and Earth mingle into one Soul this night.

Prophecy is the point of a Star.
Cherubim bow with the neck of Shepherds.
A cave becomes the Gate of the Universe
While kings search for the bed of a Begger.

A Maiden becomes the Mother of Grace;
Life has been given another Life.
The Child reaches out, takes hold of the world
And smiles the Innocent Smile.

In this Miracle all miracles are born -
The blind receive sight and the deaf have song,
The cold and homeless have shelter
And pilgrims cease their wanderings.

In this Creation all creation is born
And all creatures have a voice.
We find ourselves kneeling alongside the Magi.
The Child turns, looks and recognizes.

luke 2:11 - stephen glaros

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