Norton Anti-Virus Added to Google Pack

Google offers an entire array of free software called Google Pack, which includes the Google Desktop, Toolbar, Screensaver and GalleryPlayer; Picasa, a digital image editor; Ad-Aware, an anti-spyware program; Mozilla Firefox, a web browser; RealPlayer, Adobe Reader and Skype.

Now, you may download a free trial of Norton Antivirus as a part of the Google Pack. You may download just the antivirus software if you prefer. Norton is, and has been, the first name in computer protection. Most computers sold today come with a trial version of Norton because it is so well respected. I use it on my new laptop. You may read reviews for Norton Antivirus here.

Norton anti-virus automatically removes viruses, worms and trojans from your computer; scans your incoming and outgoing emails for viruses; and downloads new virus definitions automatically so you do not have to remember to do so.

This Norton Antivirus free download includes six months of free virus definition updates. Try Norton free and see if it works for you.