WordPress Angels Rescued Me

I spent all day Saturday backing up my files for my WordPress blog on TexasRVTravel.com so that I could upgrade to the latest WordPress and get rid of some malicious code that had found its way into my template files.

Then I spent all day Sunday downloading and scanning all the content, themes and "stuff"--there is a lot of "stuff" with WordPress. Then I installed the new WordPress and uploaded my clean content and TA-DA . . . no blog.

I was just about out of my mind (what I have left of it) and was really discouraged and ready to delete the darn blog and restart it on blogger. I think if I could have transferred all the posts back to blogger, I would have done it.

Alas, that was not do-able, so I went begging for help on the WordPress forum on the CMF-Ads forum. Now, Lindi from Let's Talk WordPress had already told me how to upgrade and answered a lot of questions before I started upgrading.

However, the real HERO in this story is Jenny from Fabulously Jinxed. She went on my site and found the problem within minutes--MINUTES! This was at 10 PM on Mother's Day after she had worked all day.

I am humbled by the help that came my way on Mother's Day. God bless both these bloggers with their helpful hearts and technical knowledge.