Where Do You Twitter ?

Did you know that 32 percent of Twitter users feel they spend too much time on Twitter, while 22 percent admit to writing twits they later regretted? Fortunately, only 16 percent report that they neglect activities to spend time on social media.

Social Media Study: Twitter While Driving

Twitter is used in cars, restaurants and restrooms, with 11 percent of Twitter users admitting to accessing Twitter while driving in the past 30 days, and 29 percent of Twitter users say they have twittered in the car in the past.

While Twitter was the variable of choice in this survey, texting is also a real problem in driving. My son's friend ran over the curb, over a fire hydrant, blew three tires and bent two rims because she was texting while driving.

Just Drive - Stay Alive - Twitter and Text Could Lead to Wrecks!