Webcast: PPC Ad Testing Using Ad Sets

Breakthrough in PPC Ad Testing and Optimization:
Using Ad Sets to Improve Even Your Best PPC Ad Campaign

Tuesday, May 4 - 1 PM EDT
Speaker: Matt Van Wagner, CEO, Find Me Faster
Sponsored by Acquisio

For years, A/B ad split testing has been the workhorse of ad testing for PPC campaign managers. It is easy to understand and easy to implement, and can produce steady, predictable gains in your campaigns. However, A/B testing can also lead to over-optimization, a thinning of your ad message diversity and cause decay in your campaign performance.

That's where Ad Set Optimization™ comes in.

The Ad Sets Optimization model side-steps the pitfalls of A/B Ad Testing and can be used to improve the performance of any paid search campaign.

Matt Van Wagner, President of Find Me Faster, and developer of the Ad Sets Optimization model, will explain how a set of ads can outperform the best ad in an ad group, and show how to improve your PPC campaign results using this new technique. He'll discuss:

•How a set of ads can outperform the single best ad in an ad group
•What ad sets are, how and why they work
•How to apply the Van Wagner Ad Sets Optimization model in your PPC campaign

Matt Van Wagner is President and CEO of Find Me Faster, a search marketing agency in Portsmouth New Hampshire. Ad Set Optimization™ is a trademark of Find Me Faster. Matt is a regular contributor to Search Engine Land and a frequent speaker at industry events.

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