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I was happy to find this prayer about computers. For the oppressed, computers are a way to find and share freedom and truth. For the homebound, computers are a lifeline to the outside world and a social network. For the shy and phobic, it is a tool for communication and growth. For me, it is an outlet for creativity and the way I make my living. We are all blessed by computers.

Prayer for my time on the computer

Gracious God,
even in the wondrous tangle of wires and connections,
you make yourself known.

May my computer be more than a machine of information
and become an altar on which I am able to offer my thanks
for the abundance of gifts in this richly textured world.

As I scan through images, as I learn and explore,
as I create and produce, bring my soul to the awareness that
I am not alone in this vast world of human energy.

Fill me with that energy and give me a heart of gratitude.


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