How Hot is Your URL?

Click to read MediaPost Publications - Is Your URL Hot Or Not? - 11/28/2007

From the article:

1. CapitalizeTheFirstLetterOfEachWord.
2. Whenever possible, use
3. If .com is not available, use
4. If .com and .net are taken, find a new brand name. Seriously.
5. Use when running an integrated media campaign.
6. Use subdomains when driving people deeper than your homepage -- e.g.

1. Don't include www. We know to go to the World Wide Web to find you.
2. Don't include http://. If your audience isn't Web-savvy enough to know where to type the URL, you shouldn't have a Web site.
3. don'tusealllowercase (canyoureallytellwhereonewordendsandthenextbegins?)
5. No-hyphens/or slashes.
6. Don't use acronyms, abbreviations, or numbers unless your brand is widely known as such.
7. Don't bury your URL at the bottom of a billboard. I'm the only nerd driving around with a 4x zoom lens to find URLs.

This is a great article and references the author's blog,, which might be worth a look. Check it out. I loved how he closed the article with Goodbye URL. LOL