Stylish Design Blog

I stumbled over Stylish design : The blog where web design and style have met while searching for new tools to put on my website.

What Worked Well
  • The web design blog is easy to navigate using the tag cloud or the category listing.

  • The black, white and gray magazine design of this blog is clean and professional.

  • The graphic (armadillo, tortoise or tank) at the top of the blog is definitely eye-catching.

  • The advertisements flow well in the blog design.

  • The plugins for Most Commented and Top 10 Users are effective.
What Did Not Work So Well
  • The information about the bloggers, Robert and Andrei, should be moved to the About page or the About page should be deleted.

  • The blog needs a Privacy Policy to post Google Adwords.

  • I was mystified by the Our Angels and Your Demons listings at the bottom of the page.

  • There are some problems with syntax and English usage, such as How they succeeded?, and etc. used in posts too often.
What I Really Think

There is useful information on web design, SEO, tools and technical issues on Stylish Design. It is a relatively new blog, started in February, so I will return in a few months to see how it evolves. It is definitely worth a read.